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Description : A lil attitude infused track I wrote and recorded using a beat titled Ugly Got Type Beat by Rod. Lyrics are about my interaction with my current music following and past but I think regardless of your views one can appreciate it. Even though I work in more commercial US music now, it never fails to amaze me how I come back and find some great material here. Enjoy!

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Description : Heard the beat Love It by Occuts and fell in love with it literally. Wrote around it a song about a boy trying to tell his love interest...well....that he loves his own boyish manner. Some big words for him to be throwing out but I thought it was cute and fun. Wrote and recorded it at work using my phone's microphone...had to get creative lol. Enjoy...this is my latest post in a while so hopefully I'll be more active soon. Shout out to Occuts for such a great beat. Hope you like what I did with it.

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.52 MB

Description : Haven't worked on a track in a freakin minute man! Super siked to be back into the groove again. Came across this instrumental by my old music collab buddy Califken. Loved the attitude and swag of it just had to jump on it. Enjoy! Wrote and recorded this in an hour:D

Tags : | Pop | 3.13 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This beat is from Radumusteata who composed it so well. I heard it, fell head over heels in love with it and just decided to listen to it and start writing...Ended up writing the lyrics in fifteen minutes since I was short on time, and arranged it as I recorded it.I especially love using background vocals on hooks and did it again on this track with a higher and lower gave it such a good atmosphere. This one was much easier to write since I had inspiration from my relationship. I wrote it word for word about who I'm head over heels for right now in my life haha...hopefully everyone else can relate to this...enjoy and big thanks to Radumusteata to making this wonderful instrumental that allowed me to get this creative work out. Also if anyone has any completed instrumentals, I'm totally willing to giv them a shot as well...just send me a pm with a link to your instrumental and if I make something with it I'll hit you back up a few days later with a completed track:) Peace!

Description : heard the music by Martinez25 and the lyrics and arrangement came to me. I used a different approach with the vocals...more airy....closer to the mic to give a better intimate sound to the words...and some higher and lower range showing this time. I wrote this about moving forward in life...but there are some that are so stuck in their depression or low stages that it's not fair to them that they can't go where your going...their burdens keep them weighted to the ground while your flying and floating high....second verse address leaving them behind. I wrote this about a past relationship...and my recent birthday or turning 21 and leaving all the extra baggage behind. Enjoy!

Tags : | Pop | 4.82 MB | Has Lyrics | Reaper

Description : Discovered this nice little track in the Pop genre section under tracks. It's by radumusteata, I just added some vocals to it. The music is his and wonderfully composed. I looped it twice on one part because the original wasn't that long and I wanted it to at least have two hooks in it. Wrote the lyrics about myself as an artist. I feel like I've been hiding my songs and myself as an artist from everyone I know in my close life. Recorded and mixed in Reaper.

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Description : A great song that speaks of losing ones mind but finding comfort in that solitude.

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Description : Instrumental is by Brizzi^_^ This track just sort of came to me after ten minutes of listening to Brizzi's instrumental titled Freedom Rain. I was so captured by the intro, and it just spoke to me. When I write my songs it's like a movie unfolding before my eyes. First I develop a character for the song, like a director would for a film, and then I begin to decide what type of character and direction I want to take the song in. I wrote the full song in an hour, set up the vocal arrangement in and hour and half, and then spent four and a half hours recording the rap, background vocals, lead vocals on chorus, and also mixing. I always use alot of background vocals, if you listen closely you will hear all of them. There are alot, trust me :) I feel that they just add little bits here and there. I do not use any fx to harmonize, that is just the old fashioned way of recording over and over til I get it just right. Also used a different program for mixing this time! I have grown to love Reaper for mixing now. Still using Magix Music Maker to record vocals.Track is about letting life pass you by after a crisis happens to you. Many people go into this stage of ,"why me", and they just start to give up and feel sorry for themself. I took that principle and decided to apply it to relationships. I know a good friend who just sits at home constantly feeling sorry for himself. Everytime I call him, he's just "doing nothing". He is one of those ppl who thinks that he is doing something wrong since he can't find anyone to love, but the issue is that he is cooped up at home hiding from the world. If he got out and started living again then he would most definitely run into his special someone sooner or later! Point is we can't sit back and expect things to be handed to us, we have to go get it. This song is for him...turns out I used to be just like him. Thankfully I learned quickly and changed my ways. I have someone to love, and hopefully so do you :) Shout out to Brizzi for this awesome kick ass instrumental!! This is completely amazing and emotional, it's very rare that I find a track where I just latch on, but in this case, I totally couldn't let go of it.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.64 MB

Description : This track came out of an accidental recording session. I was asked to sing on this track as a featured singer, and then forgot about the track for a while. Then one day I was going through my instrumentals in my computer and came across it. I couldn't quite remember who had asked me to be on it or to what extent, so I just start recording something to it and it grew and grew. I hope the original person can understand that I didn't mean to take the whole track, I just figured that I would share it as a demo. It has a great message for those who have been through much pain and suffering in their life. I wrote it from my own personal experiences growing up with harassment from so many ppl all because I had the courage to be myself. So this song is for anyone going through bullying, or harassment, I commend you for being strong, and stand tall. It get's better, trust me I would know. So I believe this track was sent my way by Big Reeg, so shout out to him. I didn't try to take your track homie, just sharing what I did with it, it's still yours, and if you want to post up something that you made with it, I'll take mine down gladly bro:) Everyone enjoy this, it's very deep and meaningful and will definitely tug at ya heart if you can relate to it.

Tags : | Pop | 3.88 MB

Description : This song sprouted from the intro loop you hear by Minor2go. Self mixed and recorded. A nice little melody telling the story of the garden of Eden.

Tags : | Pop | 4.07 MB

Description : Decided to record a cover of this song since it has some meaning and relation to my life and current situation. I hope I did it some justice. I didn't exactly worry about having it completely perfect on the vocals since I recorded it in two takes. I like to record things straight through rather than recording in sections, so I figured the imperfections make it more believable, emotional, and real. Enjoy and feel free to download! The original was recorded by Paramore.

Tags : | Pop | 3.75 MB

Description : I have always known about this song growing up but was recently reminded of it when I heard Jessica Simpson's version of it online. So I absolutely fell in love with the original and decided to record a cover of it. Enjoy!! Oh and I would greatly appreciate any suggestions of songs that I should record that would fit my voice.

Tags : | Pop | 4.84 MB

Description : I worked on this song for about 3 days. I really took my time with it because I usually just rush songs in one day, but this one was different. The message needed to come across just right so I was really patient with it. The wonderful piano loops, which inspired the song are by Minor2Go who is just amazing! Thank you so much for posting the loops cuz the minute I heard them I knew I wanted to use them. Then I just went off of the melody, wrote the lyrics and added the rest of the music. The vocal arrangement was the trickiest thing to work out. Message of the song is about how I feel at my age right now. I just turned 19 this past April and I can't even recall how many times I have been told that theres no point in trying to get anywhere in the music industry with my life. I however disagree with all my heart! I know it's worth it. So this song is about coming together with others, your friends, fellow musicians, and family to change the world. Whether it be with your music, singing, personality or just by being you, we can change the world by doing it together. Enjoy and again, THANK YOU SO MUCH TO MINOR2GO!
By the way, I could have sworn that when I downloaded the loops that his name was Pianosounds, maybe he changed it lol or I'm just going looney ^_^

Tags : | Pop | 3.30 MB

Description : Collaboration with Seila who is new to Looperman. Contacted me about collaborating and sent me some great instrumentals. This is the first one I worked on. I wrote lyrics and vocal arrangement. It was difficult to record too because of harmonizing but I love the way it came out. Thanks to Seila for the awesome music!

Tags : | Pop | 4.73 MB

Description : Another collab with Califken...he uploaded the music to his profile and asked me to listen to it. When I heard it I just had to jump on it and thus, SUPERCHARGED was born!! It's a bit short but it could be great for a commercial or something. Enjoy!

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.23 MB

Description : Always had a liking for this song so decided to rerecord it. I'm hoping I did it some justice but I wasn't trying too hard so don't expect much. I messed up quite a bit but its not biggie. Just wanted to test out my new apex181 Usb studio condenser microphone and I love it! Jessica Simpson recorded this first and those are some big vocals to live up to lol. Let me know what ya think!

Tags : | Dance | 3.25 MB

Description : New track I posted up for myspace..figured I would put on here too to get some honest feedback. Took one day to record and edit, the whole works.

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.06 MB

Description : Been workin on a this song in my extra time. Its not much but I decided to do a few cover songs before I go to American Idol in a few months. So this is one of the cover songs, I'm still workin on the others but they will be up soon.

Tags : | Classical | 2.97 MB

Description : Christmas is in the air.

Tags : | Ambient | 3.98 MB

Description : Did a cover of the song O Holy Night just for fun since da holidays is comin up and stuff. Had a lot of fun wit it. Really wanted to show ma vocal ability and this song presented the perfect opportunity so yea. Enjoy and gimme sum feedback tellin me what ya think.

Tags : | RnB | 3.52 MB

Description : Da first song I ever produced, and yea its a little personal.

Tags : | House | 2.41 MB

Description : 2nd song I put together, took a bit of time. I like how it turned out though. Enjoy!

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