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Description : Created this track highlighting 2 Saxophones (alto, baritone). Played some piano chords and put some delay on it. I played around with some percussion and drum variations. The mix may not be as nice as it could be but oh well. I used a synth sound to solo a switch up. Whatcha think?

Description : I had groove in my mind and starting translating it on the keyz. It kind of went elsewhere in the end but its all good. :) I started by laying down some smooth chords, and then the bass line. I created the drum\percussion and after that brought out the baritone saxophone. I did some reverse engineering to my chords to create the pad and the rest is history. Whatcha think?

Description : Something I put together after hearing a couple of chill loops from OoMOEOo (Pad) and madebyjoel (drums). I added a cello bass line, piano, ronabo pad, sax, trumpet, bongos, cymbals, hi hats,timpani, 808, and triangles. I then laced it with Vinyl. Just messing around and this is what happened.

Description : life is short em all while you got em.

I created this chill hop track from scratch and rather quickly. I kinda like the imperfections in it and thought I would share. Keep your head up!

Love em if you got em!

Description : Win and we are in... I am talking about my Tennessee Titans who play tomorrow to get in the playoffs. I know I am normally chilled out but today I am hyped up. I am stepping out bounds a bit with this track. I created this all in Logic Pro and this is what happened. GO TITANS!!!!

Description : Playing around with some percussion pieces and got in a lil Havana mood. I laid down some chords, created a trumpet solo, and based it all in an Upright bass guitar. I also created some piano and xylophone solos to compliment the piece. I hope you enjoy!

Description : Woke up this morning, brewed some coffee, and starting creating music and this is what happened.

On to my 3rd cup...

Description : At 6 in the morning while playing my piano these chords felt good to me and that started the foundation for this track. I of course added a simple bass line, a subtle 808, a triple drum kick, snare, cymbals, heartfelt violins... And then the alto and baritone sax set it off. The sax is indeed good :) I need to have it mixed and mastered better but here it goes. RoNaBo

Description : Had an hour to work on a loop that minor2go posted on 11-25-2018. I added some 7th semitones, tenor and baritone sax, drums,bass guitar, and some distortion. This was put together quickly but this is what happened....


Description : Another track I created quickly after hearing Minor2Go acoustic Guitar loop yesterday 7-19-2018.
Time to relax your mind!

Minor2GO guitars-unlimited-summer-sun-75bpm-pop-acoustic-guitar-loop

Description : I was inspired by 2 looperman loops created today and came up with this track. Thanks to the following:

Pad loop by Minor2Go

Drums by SushiBawa -

Description : GreyGary96 uploaded the drum loop today (6-21-2018). I liked it and create this track from it.


Description : Younhabib posted 2 pad loops today 4-7-2018. They are different tempos and keys but i made it work. I did this fairly quickly so much could be improve but wanted your thoughts so far.

See loops below:

Tags : | RnB | 4.09 MB | Colab Request

Description : Having fun with the Logic Pro X new Studio Strings.

Description : Having fun and playing around with new logic pro brass sounds again today. A lil hip hop digression in the middle. :)

Description : Playing around with the new brass sounds in Logic Pro x 10.4. I also grabbed a dope trap beat created MjKonrad (trap-drums-by-mjkonrad-free-140bpm-trap-drum-loop) for foundation. I created this track with some chilled organ, piano, brass, 808, and a few other sounds.

Description : Loved the jazz loop by Elcycle ( I started creating music around it and this is what happened. Hope you like.

Description : I created a track using a loop from therealnickwood that I was diggin.
Check out the original loop at

Description : Heard a nice loop by Joneschr002 (
... and started a track based on it. This was a quick production so still needs work.

Description : A track i just created tonight. now I gotta go spend time with my love. :)

Tags : | RnB | 2.81 MB | Colab Request

Description : I heard another drum loop on here that caught my ear. I did my thing on the piano and electric keys. I am not done with but wanted to get some feedback on where to take it....
(sorry for the abrupt ending but again it is just a draft.)
the drum loop was created by ....Demarqusace (

Tags : | Funk | 2.67 MB | Colab Request

Description : This is a track I produced today after hearing a loop by rootch. I laid down some piano, electric keys, drum, bass,and blended rootch's loop into it. What do you think?
rootch's loop:

Description : I heard a cool drum track and it inspired me to create this track. I used Bo55man's drum track

Tags : | Rap | 1.23 MB | Colab Request

Description : This is me adding a bass line and piano parts to wordybum's track I had a few minutes and thought it would be fun to give it a try. I guess it came out ok. I may have went overboard with the subtle piano though. :)

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