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Tags : | Electronic | 9.18 MB | Featured

Description : Bonus points if you know where's the sample from. Mixing and mastering are kind of atrocious but good for now. Criticism welcome and appreciated!

P.S. What on earth kind of genre is this? Anyone?

Tags : | Electronic | 7.77 MB

Description : Made, or rather tried to make, a rather simple and clean track using RomyHarmony's vocals (I slowed the acapella down and changed the pitch a bit). I think it sounds okay, but still might need to do a few tweaks. Check it out!

Acapella downloaded from Looperman, made by

Tags : | Electronic | 8.31 MB

Description : Yes, yet another remix of Could Be by Jenny Mayhem and Jesse Taylor. Aimed for dreamwave/synth pop/80s-kind-of vibe, I think it turned out alright. Any thoughts?

Tags : | House | 8.06 MB

Description : Another track with Janis71 vocals. This one's a lot more calmer and milder than 'Scared', probably because it's not dnb but some kind of house I think? Anyway, have a listen! Also, critique is very welcome!

Tags : | Electronic | 5.72 MB

Description : A little track I made with Mariah Dawn's pella. Kinda minimal, not too much going on methinks. Check it out!

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 5.76 MB

Description : A little track I made after being inspired by the acapella by janis71. It's sort of a blend between drumnbass and autonomic I think. Thoughts anyone?

Tags : | House | 8.96 MB

Description : Here's a track I made with vocals from Dvickers. Nothing too extreme really, a simple, clean (I hope it's clean) house (?) track. Not sure what else to do with it, nothing maybe? Check it out!

Tags : | RnB | 6.87 MB

Description : Never thought I'd be making rnb.. Anyways, I think it came out okay. The vocals are pretty hard on the highs in a few places, will try to fix that somehow sometime. Welp, check it out!:)

Tags : | Electronic | 8.01 MB

Description : Can't believe I forgot to upload this.. Another track I made with Nuada's vocals (really impressive vocals by the way). I think it turned out pretty neat. The bassline may be a bit too much in-your-face and monotonic, but I think it suits the track..? :).

Tags : | Electronic | 8.60 MB

Description : Tried to do something synthpop-ish with this one. Not 100% on the wide bassline. I'll probably re-mix the whole track sometime later. Anyway, check it out!

Tags : | House | 9.35 MB

Description : Wanted to do something darkish, electronic..ish. Not really mixed or mastered, just thought I'd upload it cause why not:)

Tags : | House | 9.55 MB

Description : Thought I'd make one of those tracks that I keep hearing everywhere... Anyway, even though mixing and mastering could use some more work, it actually turned out better than expected, check it out!

Tags : | House | 9.87 MB

Description : Kinda weird track I made with an acapella from RaRCharm. Changed the pitch a bit and a few other things. Anyway, check it out!

Tags : | Electronic | 9.69 MB

Description : Made this track a while back, about the time when the looperman was down. Can't find the author of the acapella on here anymore, all I know is that his name's Nuada. Anyway, tried something a bit burialish on this one, check it out:)

Tags : | Ambient | 8.55 MB

Description : Thought I'd share this track I made with the amazing vocals by teamrufeless. It's kind of an ambient style I think. Also, it's not really finished, but I couldn't think of anything else to add to it so I thought I'll share it anyway.


Tags : | House | 9.08 MB

Description : Just a little something I made a while ago. Featuring an acapella "My Sheep Hear My Voice" By Mariah Dawn.

Tags : | House | 6.30 MB

Description : A track I made a while back just never got around to uploading it here. Used an acapella "I Can See It In Your Eyes" by FutureAnalysis. Hope you like it!

Tags : | Electronic | 5.02 MB

Description : The song's not really finished, but I've heard it so many times that I can't really tell what's good, what's bad or what's laking anymore.

Please, tell me what you think. :)

The acapellas are by 2secondimpression.

Tags : | Deep House | 4.81 MB

Description : A track I made using "Storm" acapella by OzzyIR. Made with Reason 5. Feedback's very appreciated!


P.S. I'm not really sure about the genre..

Tags : | Electro | 3.64 MB

Description : Used Sexologue (electro version) Acapella by mag3168.
Feedback's very welcome:).

Tracks 1 - 20 of 20
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