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Description : The title says it all. Do your best

Description : Yooo, its been awhile! so im making this beat and i think its really getting its form, BUT the 808s i was making were lame ashell. SO, IF ANYONE HAS ANY IDEAS OF A GOOD 808 LINE, FEEL FREE TO DO IT! im open to any ideas and changes in the song too

Description : So i started to make this song and i dont know how to end it or what elements more to use.

If anyone would like to gimme tips i would appreciate it!

If you use this, show me what you did! I would be so glad to listen to some good vocals on this too!

much love from PORTUGAL.

chill hop progressive housy thing i guess

Description : --Turn the volume down a lil bit--

Show me what you did with it :)))

For anyone who has seen friends.. the nostalgy will kick in..

Tracks 1 - 4 of 4
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