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Tags : | Dance | 4.30 MB | Featured

Description : My kind of Dance without strings. Had some Fantastic time doing this on FL. Cant get over it. Refreshing,nice,great etc! I did this and started believing that I am better than yesterday, and I am getting somewhere.

Tags : | House | 3.06 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A Happy birthday tribute to Ikwekwezifm .on #34 years of existence. An upbeat and jolly track. South African township style, KWAITO. Done on FL11 on MPEG-3 quality.Lyrics written in Ndebele language.written and produced by King David II @lechinadavid

Tags : | Electronic | 3.73 MB

Description : One of those songs you fall into a trance whilst heckling sounds to create something sensible. Pulled it out of the bank just to share.I think I was onto something here before I stalled.Maybe should revisit mix!

Tags : | Dance | 6.02 MB

Description : Great beat pattern that's well arranged.Absolutely enjoyable track.Had fun doing this piece a while ago. Take it to your Dance floors and have people move darlings.Completely unique Drum and bass style,or is it Techno? is it Dance or electronic and so on, you tell me.Feedback welcome guys.Enjoy

Tags : | Dance | 5.04 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This is a track I included in my first promo CD.Highly South African township style that would be unfamiliar to a lot of LM family.But its a challenge that we have to embrace all styles,to learn off one another and grow as musicians.This happened to be done professionally so the quality is superb.Genre is Kwaito/township house in kasi lanmguage.thanks

Tags : | Pop | 3.57 MB

Description : I have just being working on this Laurie webb track and tried to bring it to better quality as compared to the 1st one I did randomly.Hope you enjoy as much as you did with The one before.

Description : DRUM AND BASS! HA Just a song I did a couple of years ago lying in my music bank.Not finished with mixing.For those who like to make people dance hard,this one is perfect.Tell me what you think of this concept.Can I make a HIT out of this?

Tags : | Pop | 3.57 MB | Colab Request

Description : Pop rock??You decide,very soppy, very sentimental. took loops from FL 7 played around and came up with this. hope is enjoyable.Not for commercial purposes just for creativity,education and entertainment.

Description : A well organized and arranged track. Very nice for the dance floor. Don't take me on simply by the unique style used as compared to the mainstream genres. M not sure what genre is this,you make up your mind on it. Enjoy!!!

Tags : | Techno | 8.63 MB

Description : Just wanna share.A re-make of the first one.If you guys download please leave comment on what you feel about the song.With this song I would like to say 'thank YOU'.Very catchy if I may say so myself.But lets hear what the LM community have to say.Enjoy

Tags : | Pop | 4.46 MB

Description : sometime ago i worked around this pella and did not finish, but if its pleasing to the ear i might go back and redo tell me computer was running low on memory and cpu,so the quality is a little untasty.however the purpose is to share and hear what others think about the idea.Patricia is outstanding ion singing and i believe anyone out there would wish to work with.thanks pat for th epella

Tags : | House | 4.46 MB

Description : 'Take me away' acapella by the talented Stephanie Kay.When I heard this voice just felt the need to work around it.The lady is extra ordinary.I did this mix a year ago and stalled,but now I feel to share. Enjoy

Tags : | Fusion | 3.86 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : ragga-house style.big up to farisha of farisha music with her beuatiful acapella supplied here on lm.beautiful, smooth rhythm all round.lets hear what u think guys

Tags : | Dance | 4.51 MB

Description : not sure about genre, but i think its dance."voices from FL7 i put together in one mix a while version of dance with me mixed on fl and not mastered properly.was just playing around with sound.blake reary,lollievox & raquel joseph doing the collab".enjoy the listen

Tags : | Rave | 3.70 MB

Description : some riveting sound i guess!its a song i included in my recorded cd.high voltage rave and danceable track done on fl,no loops. beat expertly created to suit the rhythm of the song.lets hear what dj's and you guys think.enjoy

Tags : | House | 5.52 MB

Description : instrumental track,done on FL 7.used midi keyboard to load piano sounds and used waspxt and wasp plug-ins to make good sounds.enjoy and let me hear what you think

Tags : | Pop | 6.45 MB

Description : a track i started while playing piano,took sometime to write but eventually did session vocalists to sing in Moreen and Daphney from the church and i guess they did exceptionally well.its quite long but guess its enjoyable.used sonar on istruments and cubase for voices.producer mack .

Tags : | Pop | 4.69 MB

Description : My best shot at POP throwing everything into it.But no radio station would play it.I gave up on it!! But
the Lady sung very well indeed.

Tags : | Techno | 3.00 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : played the piano,strings and bass from midi keyboard into FL.created some few beats(no loops) and used wavelab to stretch the vocals.brought them into fl for further stretching on edison and merged.voila!!!!!lyrics by stephanie kay one of the members on the site.bless her fantastic voice.

Tracks 1 - 19 of 19
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