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Tags : | Dubstep | 3.16 MB

Description : omg. I did my first dubstep song. Well. it's very short, so you can call it unfinished ;) But I hope you can review this work so far and share your meaning! It's 100bpm and after i failed in doing some drums, I used a drumloop from here. sry but i forgot to write down the genius of this drumloop. but thank you so much!

OH! I almost forgot:
I'm very interested in listening to some awesome dubstep remixes of YOU! You can download the whole vocals from this song on my accapellas page. Let's get it started with some drrrty dubstep and send me your song as a review :-)

Have a nice day everyone!

Tags : | Pop | 3.14 MB

Description : After a long time I start again with a new track ;)
I hope you enjoy it.
And by the way it's not a foreign language you can hear. Just play it on reverse =)

Update: I forgot the bass in the 2nd half =)

Tags : | Pop | 1.98 MB

Description : Help!
This is an idea of a new song, but i absolutely can't find any lyrics anymore :(
It would be a pity if I don't finish this song.
If anyone has any ideas for lyrics etc. it would be the best help i could get!
Please get in touch with me. If you want to, you can send me something. Thank you so much for your help!

best regards.

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.02 MB

Description : Here's one of my first covers made in 2007. Well the vocals sometimes doens't fit cause it was a live performance. At the end you can hear my daddy singing ;) And WHOA! it was a lot fun to sing it!

Tags : | Pop | 2.08 MB

Description : Well, here's another sad song (probably i can't do something else ;) ) which is written and performed by me. And it's a few months old. But maybe you like it?

Tags : | Pop | 5.80 MB

Description : This song was written and performed by me in 2008. This song is about reminding ourselves of good times in our life. We live to see so many people, friends and situations we shouldn't forget. So think about a situation u we're really happy! And hold on for a second. =)

Tags : | Pop | 2.41 MB

Description : A LOVE SONG A LOVE SONG A LOVE SONG!!! YAY. Also produced and written by me with Reaper and Reason. Hope you enjoy it.

Tags : | Pop | 2.98 MB

Description : Another song which is totally written and produced by me with reaper and reason. And also another sad song. Well, so much pain inside me ;)

Tags : | Pop | 5.01 MB | Featured

Description : Produced and witten by me in 2009 with Reaper and Reason. Also vocals (with AutoTune) by me.
Well. Everyone makes bad experiences with other people.
So i decided to make a song about the pain when someone hurts you, especially the best friends.
Yes, there's a real story behind this song. Just to handle the experiences.
Would be nice to get some reviews ;)

Description : Written and produced by Last Tried Therapy in 2009.
It would be nice to get your review! =)

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