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Description : Just a bit of summer fun

Tags : | Pop | 4.42 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Tried to create a dance sound with an 80's sound but with an up to date feel, possibly not everyone's cup of tea!!written and produced with keys and virtual instruments by me, vocals and samples courtesy of MAGIX. Thanks as always for any comments good or bad. Mark

Description : Hi, sorry I am not around much nowadays, and when you have heard this one you will shout thank goodness I'm not!. tried to mix a drum and bass beat with an 80's sort of sound, not certain where it sits but have put it in drum and bass catergory. Really could do with lyrics, another attempt at me playing keyboards too, as well as samples. Hope it brings a smile and thanks,

Tags : | Pop | 3.19 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Cheesy tongue in cheek pop! just started messing with a riff and keys and this came along...unfortunately!! but I loved doing it, and above all it was fun too! I expect it to go down like a lead balloon, but I hope some of you loopers enjoy. thanks as always, Mark

Description : Work and other commitments prevent me being as active on looperman as I used to be...there a bonus for you all!! but I do appreciate the feedback here, so I am currently working on my new stuff, whilst remixing some of my earlier tracks taking on board previous comments. This is my 2015 re-working of soothing sea, including or hate, as usual your comments on improvements gratefully received!..and it does feature my keyboard skills..or lack of them again. thanks, Mark

Description : Probably gone to far with this one, but really wanted to create a movie/orchestral type track. the composition is about being in a bad place but seeing the way out again at the end ( profound not!!) it also features some of my feeble keyboard skills, which I am determined to improve in 2015. Comments good or bad as usual gratefully received. Thanks,

Tags : | Pop | 3.11 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Massive apologies for not being about the last few months ( cheers all round!!!) but had a lot of things to sort and got distracted on other this may not be everyone's cup of tea but I thought I would put this one up for critical comment, its my first new one for months and is not the final version with mastering and tweaks still usual be harsh and thank you.

Tags : | Pop | 7.22 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This is a track I was working on at the end of the year but I lost the main files when my computer crashed ( I now back up!!) the unfinished and un-mastered MP3 version has been laying about for the last 6 months, so whilst having a spring clean I thought I would inflict it on my fellow looperpeople for your comments!! It certainly isn't one of my better efforts, see what you think. Thanks.

Tags : | Pop | 6.07 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Another of my early efforts from January 2013 using Magix Premium. It is not great and have since lost the wav files to it so I decided to see what my fellow looperpeople think. Not even certain what genre it fits, its more hip pop than hip hop so have put it under pop. As usual your comments good or bad welcomed.

Description : A chill out track ( well I think that describes this one )another one of my early attempts from March 2013. I Had pretty well knackered my right knee and was awaiting an operation to repair it, so was feeling a little bit mellow and not least full of painkillers!!! no excuse though, so as usual constructive comments welcome. Produced with Magix 2013 Premium. New material coming from me soon....!!!!

Tags : | Pop | 2.59 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Hmmmmm thought long and hard about uploading this one, again one of my early mixes using Magix. I wanted this just to be a simple and fun easy listening track! I hope you enjoy the different style and hopefully fellow looperpeople will feel the same. As always all constructive comments good or bad welcomed (though with this one I expect there will be more bad than good). Pop is probably the wrong genre too, but it is the nearest I could find!

Description : A chill out track created with Magix Premium. this again is one of my early tracks and there are elements that I would change and iron out if I was producing now, but wanted to upload for valued comments and opinions again.Please have a listen and see what you think.

Tags : | Electro | 6.52 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A simple instrumental track made using Magix Premium 2013 in March 2013. It was the way I felt at the time, trying to snatch quality time whilst juggling a busy work life and realising what was more important. I decided to upload this one for your valued comments and opinions, as this was one of my very early creations.

Description : Not sure how to describe this one, a bit of a mix and crossover, again trying to be a little different. it is very very much still in a rough format and would really value opinions on this, again good, bad or get off!!

Description : trying to combine various elements into this track and I am not certain if it works, so all comments good or bad welcomed.

Description : A simple track put together using loops from Dance 6 it still needs work and mastering but comments and opinions would be valued.

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