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Description : Found out I had no idea on how to make a hiphop track so eventually I gave up and put the vocals over a break and added a little bass and synth.

Description : Improved mix and sound from the last time I uploaded.

Description : Modernish Hardcore sound

Description : Been struggling to get that bass at 50 sec to sound right but this is the closest I managed to fiddle it into what I wanted before getting bored, could probably put back the reverb a bit.

Description : Fast and full on most of the way apart from when I change up the sound. Repeats halfway through but is a little different in the last part, not a whole lot though. Think the mix is alright but could probably do with some tweaking of the frequencies.
Managed to make this one the loudest out of anything I've made, before clipping became noticeable.
Bass on the offbeat i'm not very happy with but it's what I've managed to come up with that isn't drowned out by everything else thats going on.

Description : Atmospheric and dark, where "less is more" applies I'd say. Has more going on as it progresses but still retains some of the emptiness.

Description : Slow, repetitive drum loop and bassline with lots of ambient additives and soft distorted synths.
Needs some of the levels balanced.

Description : Relatively low BPM, synth heavy.
First track I made that experimented with human vocals.
Don't remember what plugins were used.

Tracks 1 - 8 of 8
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