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Description : mash-up dubstep type thing

Description : melodic dubstep

Description : I don't know

Description : a song with a good message

Description : I remade an old song of mine. I'm still trying to start a new genre. It's called Islamistep. Collaborations are welcome.

Description : 'Jannah' is the Arabic and Islamic word for paradise, one moment in paradise is enough to make you forget all the pain and suffering of this world

Description : I need to get the %%%% out of here!!

Description : enjoy fellow loopers and musicians, make and get your breakthrough

Description : You'll never look at reggaetón the same again

Description : maybe this will help someone have a good time

Description : it gave me a picture of someone on a canoe in southeast asia, I guess I'll put it in the techno section

Description : I like this one, I wasn't sure what genre to put it in though

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.33 MB

Description : I got inspired while listening to Mad Tribe for a month and made this, Im using Doppler Gamma samples as well :)

Description : I dont know, it makes me feel good, like looking at a full moon

Description : Going old school a bit, and old one I made 3 months ago, maybe you can listen to it or download it and enjoy it, it's trance or techno

Tags : | Dance | 3.68 MB

Description : Be careful, it'll make you dance.

Description : featuring Iselin Solheim and Esoreni on vocals, something to relax to

Description : I got a new computer with better cpu, now I can use serum without my computer overloading like I did in this song, hope to make some cool new music pretty soon

Description : made with fruity loops and sylenth1

watch the video while listening to the song, it goes well with the videos

Description : This one's about when you look in the mirror and you see things negatively when really everthing around you is more positive than you think, it's about obsessing and decieving yourself in the mirror

Tell me if there's anything too loud on the track or not equalized properly

check me out on youtube

Description : feel free to download and use in your flat-earth videos or skateboarding or surfing tricks videos or whatever, just send me a message and a link, made almost entirely with sylenth1

Check me out in youtube and suscribe, my youtube is like dead

Description : I sometimes get this pain in my fingers, hands, and arms, but only there, it's like arthritis, I think it comes from stress, while making this it took it away

Description : a super rock dubstep fusion from the inner dimensions of the dungeon of my bedroom

Description : :) Bump this sh$$ in your car, haha

Description : I hope ya'll like this one, I hope you like the progression

Tracks 1 - 25 of 43
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