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Tags : | Pop | 8.37 MB | Featured

Description : This is a Stevie B song - I recorded it today in honor of my brother, Paul who requested it.
Features, drums, bass, nylon guitar, electric guitar, piano, strings and vocals

Tags : | Acoustic | 8.23 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : What an honor to have my mother request I record a song… King Wencesclas… one of her favorite xmas songs (and now one of mine too!). Such a beautiful song, melody, language and poetery… truly “lyrical” and with a profound and beautifully expressed message.

Believe it or not, I had actually not heard of this song – well, when she asked about it I did not recall it – then when I heard it I thought I did recognize the melody (perhaps it shares this melody with another… old macdonald?)

Anyway, I treasure it now – thank you Mom – I love this and I love you too!!

Tags : | Electronic | 9.40 MB

Description : Hello friends and family,

I composed this tonight with lots of thoughts and feelings - feelings about the hurricane... feelings about the Gaza strip... the past... the future... the uncertainties... the joys... the peace... all of it... and ... much love!!

Tags : | Electronic | 8.85 MB

Description : tonights fun...a little electronic synth float thing...

Tags : | Funk | 5.91 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : a little funk groove i put together tonight - features the funky Dali Lama

Tags : | Jazz | 6.62 MB

Description : when i was a very little kid, my father gave me and my brother and old record player and some big ol 78's - my favorite was "lazy bones" and i thought of it tonight - so I recorded it (my own way cuz I really dont know the proper chords, but I could still hear the melody in my head 40 yrs later) and i could still remember all the words - and sometimes i think this song was written especially for me LOL

Tags : | Acoustic | 6.23 MB

Description : a little instrumental "jam" - light and happy to celebrate summer arriving once again - features, bass, drums, electric rhythm guitar (with capo on 8th fret), electric piano and nylon string lead guit. much love!!

Tags : | Blues | 9.25 MB

Description : a cover song (Grateful Dead/ Gary Davis)- my grandfather, Pop passed away last week (age 100) - and allthough this tune is kinda bluesy... I have always been intrigued by it - and I can remember 20 yrs ago when my first grandfather (Grandpere) passed away... sitting in a line of cars at the funeral home and I was in the car with just my twin brother Paul as we waited behind the hurse for the procession to move towards the graveyard... and he put a version of this song on the car stereo - and he and i will share that memory in with all the happy ones too - cuz its as valid a part of all that is. On this recording I have a few electric guitars, one acoustic, bass, drums, organ, vocals... and a couple of guitar licks i put in as backwards tracks too. much love!!

Tags : | Pop | 9.60 MB

Description : I heard from an old friend today - havent spoken in almost 30 years - he mentioned a song I wrote back then (I was just out of high school) for a girl named Janet - said the melody was still stuck in his head - that inspired me to re-record it from memory - I cant even find a copy of the original - and yes, it is quite catchy - perhaps one of my better songs. I recorded it tonight - 3 guitar trax, bass, drums, vocals, backing vocals, and the sax... that is actually my guitar with a midi synth pickup which allows me to play "sax" on the guitar. The original recording had the most fabulous sax solo by this kid I had come over - he was in high school band at the time and he just laid down a beauty - I dont think my playin gets quite to where he did, but ... hey... gotta do it like me LOL

Tags : | Rock | 4.94 MB

Description : couldnt resist recording this old buddy holly song tonight

Tags : | Pop | 8.98 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A new song i recorded tonight (called "Believe") - did something different - since i'm always struggling for lyrics - i went online looking for "collaborator lyrics" - and found this site - a bunch of kids from New York that write lyrics and let you use them for free w the understanding that if you earn money from it they will recieve 50% of the "writers share" of royalties - which is standard.

so - i used this kids lyrics and added a few of my own and had much fun - this is by no means a finished mix - in fact, the whole thing is still definitely "WIP" , but I'm getting the idea down. Also, I worked the main progression off of Pachebels Canon - you may recognize that in there - in the tune so far is a few vocal trax,piano, drums, bass, nylon guitar, 2 electric guitars, cello and violin - hope you enjoy! :) much love!!

Tags : | Cinematic | 3.99 MB

Description : ok - so i just got a roland gr20 guitar synth - oh man am i having fun! and so heres a one take - just added a little guitar synth to a track i did last wk - and started with mostly straight guit mixed w a little synth signal but increased as the piece went along and just improved some wierd but satisfying stuff LOL -

original description:

synths synths synths - workin w bubbles and drums and strings and stuff

Tags : | na | 7.59 MB

Description : kinda 60's kinda 11's and its hyptomacritical fluty Leslie rotatating speakers taking a nylon strum to an organ, and tribal and greasy and earthy and chunky and smooth and just playin with sound with the rhythms and the tones and the repetition and the juxtopositons and the drones through the phones and puttin it through the speaks - in quad - like in the old days - well, the 70's anyway with the ADS810's in the front and the 70's Cerwin Vega HED01234's in the back - yeah, in the stereo - no 5.1 or 7, but good ol 2 channel quad

Tags : | Rock | 5.65 MB

Description : I've been in a bit of a Beatles kick lately (takes me back to my childhood)
Anyway - my approach to recording a Beatles song was to not "study" their harmonies or guitar parts - but instead to just lay down 2 electric guitar trax (with old "electric" sounding tones)to a smashin drum loop (added some fills), played a bassline then sang vocals (and some backups) - off the cuff - all first takes - and call it done. Their songs are so good that you can do that!

Tags : | Rock | 7.90 MB

Description : my own recorded rendition of this very beautiful song - written by Beasly Smith and Haven Gillespie. This one was recorded by Loui Armstrong. All live "one take" tracks - nylon string acoustic rhythm guitar, electric lead guitar, electric bass, organ, vocals, drum loop and manual cymbol and kick drum hits - no backing vocals ... yet

Tags : | na | 9.38 MB

Description : lead guitar with a delay set to a simple drum loop and playing over a special chord progression (electric guitar rhythm and bass). This is in honor of Tiki, beloved Kitty.

Tags : | Pop | 6.34 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : a little pop/rock tune which is about wanting to feel good - "jumping up and down just like I was a kid" - features acoustic and electric guitars,rodes piano, bass, drums, vocals and backing vocals. all trax recorded live.

Tags : | Acoustic | 6.51 MB

Description : this is what I would LOVE feedback on - I am submitting this to a production library and they need a fitting description... wow... i dont even know where to begin! Your thoughts are so helpful and thanx in advance!! Also, they want me to provide "genre" info (which I wish I could just list as "Haven" LOL - what genre is this?? thank you again. I put it here as acoustic - but I dont think thats right??

Tags : | Cinematic | 6.10 MB

Description : this is production music I have recently finished - features brass, drums, bass, cello and an arpegiator. This would be for suspense - perhaps a crime scene unfolding, etc
This is free and available to listen to, but it is not free for any commercial use - if you have commercial intentions please contact me - thanx!

Tags : | Rock | 6.43 MB

Description : Oh man... I could really use some help with this - this is a song I recorded in 2009 back before I recorded on the computer - i did this on my tascam hard disk recorder - and I dont know why, but when I pullled it up tonight and listened... I mixed it down SO frickin quiet - and now as I try to add some compression and EQ - this is as good as I can get it - but I dont like the overall quality now that I got it a little louder - it picks up a bit of a "blaring quality" to it :(
I need some serious expertise on this one - either some instruction on what to do or if you'd like, I can send the orig to you to mess with. Oh, and wouldnt mind knowin what you think of the tune too! LOL thanx so much!!

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.80 MB

Description : Well, I just learned today from the mods response to my forum question that we CAN upload cover tunes provided that ALL the trax are our own original trax - I had no idea! I have tons of covers I have done through the years and will post a couple here and there for sharing sake - how cool!!

Tags : | Country | 2.60 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : one more re-write - changed up arrangement a little - shortened guitar solo to a one verse, etc...

ok - so I tightened up and rearranged the intro stops and now feature John Nathan on vocals. Still may have more mixing and re-writing possibly, but its definitely gettin there and I think if I have it professionally recorded down in Nashville, they will know what to do with it.

Tags : | Pop | 8.10 MB

Description : A collaboration with fellow looperman (looperwoman), "MusicIzmee4ever"
- she has a beautiful voice and I have never really composed music for an accapella - this is the first time I have done that (not just dropping in over a "groove" LOL) - thanx Musicizmee4ever - I had fun tonight with this and felt really inspired

Tags : | Pop | 3.28 MB

Description : Another one of my older trax (06) and just lookin fer feedback - thanx so much!!

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.46 MB

Description : so tonight i did a neat little video project using some footage I shot in the fog in the mountains this past weekend and added this piece of music to it - which i composed and recorded in 2005 - vibrato guitar, bass drums - and uploaded it to youtube - someone needs to let me know if i am allowed to post a link here - i dont want to get kicked off looperman! if you want to see the vid - just let me know - much love!!
you can also download the entire album "Haven Late Night Recordings 05" from my website - again not sure if i can post a link here or not but there is a link to it from my profile

PS - I have no idea how to properly list "genre"???? Help my please - what frickin "genre" is this??? Thanx!!

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