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Description : i never do this type of thing, but I felt i had to

it's a diss on macklemore and a couple of others

beat is by jsnell

lyrics by Progress

Description : basically a concept song with some nasty meti's....beat is by KRP

Description : lyrics by P n E..beat by Pippa

Tags : | Rock | 3.47 MB | Adult Content

Description : i took damke's rock track and busted a flow over it...its pretty dam good...some parts click a little bc i got excited..haa

Description : Pat on the acoustic
Pro on the freestyle

Description : beat by JSnell
order of mc


Description : Pat C jamming on acoustic with Progress on the freestyle

Description : a concept song about a break isn't my life, but some1's life

Description : Kaossilator with a Yamaha psr 2000 synth ~ take 2

Description : listenin to some older stuff i put together always loved this beat figured i'd be nice an share. ~ EvOLvE

Description : finally getting shit set up! ~ Korg Kaossilator with a simple loop mixed up all live today for the first time attempting with new setup. mastering and Yamaha keyboard to follow soon as well as multiple beats! unfortunately were limited to one per 24 hours...look out here we come, 100 to the looperfam!

Description : Progress freestylin over scene beats hide the weed its the police beat

Description : life story..

Description : 1st beat is by ZZ83 called relax
2nd beat is by funky fresh called connection

progress is on the freestyle

Tags : | Rap | 5.94 MB | Adult Content

Description : as usual, i am recording some tracks but neeeded warm up the vocal chords and spit a flow...i liked it so posted for ya'll

Description : just a flow to warm up my vocal chords but i really liked it so i posted it

Description : beat by bikerboy703

without a doubt my best solo track ever.

i put a lot of time into the lyrics and flow...

its def worth listening to

Description : We actually laced this track like 5 yrs ago, but it got lost when both our computers died and Progress's house got robbed.

Description : Silencer beat by BeatsDaily

absolute fire...the hook is hot and we really bring it on the verses...

Description : Beat by Djquickrick
true hip hop styled tongue-in-cheek track
a funny song about getn girls...meant to make ya laugh and i think it succeeds...check it out

Description : shit was hott had to lace 100 to tha looperfam! dl and comments are appreciated!

Description : beat by SoberMindedMusiC1

dope rhyme scheme and lyrics

Description : downloaded the beat yesterday and wanted to be active so did this....good ass flow with three distinct topics

Description : beat made by Koralex

this is a mixtape type track that i had a lot of fun uncle mike and I wrote this like 16 yrs ago...i always told him I'd record it.

Description : trials and tribulations growing up in a lil town of connecticut Rest In Peace Troy! All coments and feedback are apreciated 100!

Tracks 1 - 25 of 30
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