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Description : Well folks, after over a year's hiatus from making music I now have a track to show. The music for this was a piece by a very talented friend of mine who goes by PinkFreud on iCompositions. Originally it was called "Siolencer". I listened to this track and it immediately spoke to me...once I had some time I sat down with it on loop and the lyrics just came. It allowed me to vent about the things I've been through the last 3 years, and the person who caused me to stop making music. He's out of my life now, time to purge the poison - what better way than music, right?

Tags : | Acoustic | 7.05 MB | Featured

Description : This was a song my friend Michael wrote. He's located in Australia and wrote the song about a friend of his who works with injured animals. I was honored he asked me, especially considering I love the version with his vocals on it. He played guitar on it (if I had it would have sounded like crap haha) I don't even know why this isn't uploaded here... probably oversight on my part lol.

Tags : | Electronic | 6.25 MB | Featured

Description : Okay THIRD attempt to upload this one. I spent a lot of time on this track, it started with a Breakbeat Paradise Nu Jazz drum sample (#5 to be exact) and then I built it from there. I used a lot of OS drum sounds and snare rolls to get it the way I wanted it... then added my synths via vsti. lol I don't think I've ever gone back to a track so many times.... finally happy with it... I think ;) If anyone wants a copy let me know, I'm just disabling download for the folks who think this is a place to get free music to chop up without telling the people who made it in the first place.
Presumptious of me to assume anyone would want a copy eh? lol Fingers crossed it actually uploads this time!

Tags : | Dance | 5.05 MB

Description : This track was just pure fun to record. The lyrics and music were both done by DJ Amiie Bee, she asked me to join her on it. I love getting to jump around in so many genres, people like her make it possible cause I don't think I'd do a track like this on my own. Thanks Mizz Bee ;)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.03 MB

Description : Okay another collab with EV... this one was kinda like ping pong. I did my hooks then sent it to him, he did his part and decided I should have the last verse and the intro... so I finished it tonight. He wrote the lyrics (although I tinkered with the last verse, added stuff, took stuff away), and the music came from ROCKIT Productions. I think this is my fave so far of the tracks I've done with him... I can listen to it and not pick apart my part lol... that's a start hehe.

Tags : | Acoustic | 6.28 MB

Description : Yes, I know John Prine wrote it but this is much more styled like Bonnie's... this is literally the only track I've done with me playing guitar. I suck at it, I won't lie lol. I only did this because I was planning to go do it at open mic and had to learn it and a friend of mine wanted to hear it... so after much frustrations and messups I finally got it recorded. I just figured y'all might like to hear something different from me... at least it's not the Drowning Pool cover I did! lmao

Tags : | Jungle | 6.14 MB

Description : This track is prime example of what can come from constructive criticism. Someone in England took some time early on with Acid to give me some advice about mastering, even provided me with a program and sent me to check out some artists he thought I might like. The criticism was simple... it was clipping and it needed the end cut back because it was distracting. I took it into account and fixed the track and I am much happier with this version... thought I'd lost the mp3 even of it then i found it today. Figured people might like to compare it. I am planning to do the remix soon, which EV is jumping on with me... still not sure what kinda beat I should do. I figure if I have to do it all over again (cause I only have the vocals left) I should do something different. Gotta get rolling with the tracks, now that I've found a name for my album and started on my cover art I'm excited at the prospect of cutting a cd... would have been a shame to lose this track completely all because of lack of a master.

Tags : | Breakbeat | 2.17 MB

Description : I saw all those acapellas on SpAzz's page and couldn't resist at least messing with one of them. Since I've found my vocals for Goodbye, I'm going to try doing brand new mix of it so that it can be salvaged for my cd (cause Jaded and Horizon and the original version of Goodbye only exist in mp3). I need practice and since I love SpAzz's acapellas I reckoned I'd take a stab at making a track. This track is only 1:11 because well... it took me forever just to do it. Project is saved and if I can be arsed to move stuff over and make space for a larger intro etc, I may try and make it longer... it also needs remastering. With all the drums and bass it took me forever to get the levels down...and I still need to work on it. This was a "just for fun" project, just to see if I could do it lol. Please forgive me SpAzz.

Tags : | Techno | 4.15 MB

Description : I am sooooo blaming this one on SpAzz and gizzard_ ... well, the sudden urge to make this track (thus the name). I listened to a lot of both of their tracks today and was feeling inspired to do something out of the norm for me.... I know this is utter shite but I figured people might like to see what comes of me staying up too late. (not much.. haha) A lot of people on here don't know this but my fiance is currently living 3000 miles away... will be visiting in about 2 weeks. I've barely spent any time with him since Sunday... cause international cell phone calls cost way too freakin much, and he's been on a business trip to London since Sunday. I've also barely slept since then. I end up staying up way later than I mean to mainly because I can't sleep. Since my ADD is in overdrive tonight I figured I should do something fun instead of concentration heavy. I didn't realize just how many loops/samples I had in my libraries til I started playing tonight.... and to think, I downloaded all these for lil dude lol. Oh and when I wake up in the morning I will deny all plausibility lol

Tags : | Electronic | 5.73 MB | Featured

Description : EDIT: This track has been updated, EV jumped on board with me and added a verse in place of my 3rd... love how it came out and figured I should have this version on here since it's the "real" one IMO. Sorry to anyone who commented already... I'm on my 3rd attempt to upload this now... grrrr... error error error! You know... as I was looking at genre I had no clue what to classify this under lol. Aside from a cover I did last year, this is the first track I built from the beat up. Yeah I know the beat sucks compared to professional loops but it's a start... it was what I had in my head and I couldn't find a loop to fit. This was a song written about a particular night over 4 years ago... I split with my husband, then when he took back the apartment I found myself homeless for a couple nights. I know it could have been far worse than that... but it's made me appreciate having shelter no matter how much crap comes along with it. It was a December night of restrospect spent in and out of coffee shops to keep warm... wondering what the hell I was going to do with the freedom I'd finally been granted... with no money and no place to stay. For some reason this music made me think of that night.

Tags : | Electronic | 6.33 MB | Featured

Description : Okay first off, this is NOT my mix, this can be credited to a guy who goes by the name of Stress. If you want to check out his stuff you can find him at either of these links. (lil plug lol)

I'm tickled pink with this mix... I like it better than my own! hehe

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.48 MB

Description : I have been working on quite a few tracks with Encrypted Verbalist... I have to say I am totally impressed with both his lyrics and his ear for putting together a track, and honoured he's asking me to put my voice on them. If you want to check out more of his stuff, this is where you can find him :)

Tags : | Rock | 6.96 MB

Description : gizzard_ came to me a couple weeks ago asking if I'd be interested in writing some lyrics and doing vocals on this track. It hit me the right way so it was a very quick yes. Dude... I have to say that you are the first person I've been able to collaborate with this way... I always find it hard to put together lyrics to go with someone else's music, but this one sort of ran away with me. Thanks for asking me to add lyrics to this song, it was good practice for me to have to work outside the usual boundaries, and I feel like I actually put together something with some meaning. I am not a terribly politically-minded person, but I do have my opinions about Dubya and all the troops he sent to Iraq to *fight terrorism* (note my sarcasm), I guess this was my way of venting it. Thanks again for asking me to do this with you Sean... made me feel a lot more productive than my last couple of weeks would have let me be otherwise ;-)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.47 MB

Description : I was asked to collab on this track a few days ago... it was written and put together by EV, all I did was sing the hook, but I'm proud of it nonetheless. I figured I'd give Manes a little bit of exposure over here, IMO a lot of hip hop is lacking in lyrical content nowadays... and people like him are who keep hip hop alive! I've pasted his myspace and music nation links below for anyone who wants to check out more of his tracks.

Tags : | Electronic | 5.52 MB

Description : EDIT: I fixed the track... if I'd realized it didn't work I would have redone it right away, but never thought to hit listen. It plays now. -had to reupload the mp3 again. I was stunned to find out about Trey's passing. I saw Mr Robot's dedication to him on Saturday and was gutted when I found out...I only knew him a short while but had a huge amount of respect for him both musically and personally. When he stopped emailing me I never dreamed it was because he was's a shame to see someone die so young. I had this song nagging at me for 2 days before that, and decided to take it as a sign I should record it. I was originally thinking doing it a la karaoke, but decided to be a bit more adventurous and do an electronic cover instead. I used all VSTIs and Acid Pro. Rest in peace Trey, you'll be missed. x

Tags : | Electronic | 6.37 MB

Description : The big both advantage and disadvantage about being so new to this medium for making music is that I don't know genres very well. It can be confusing at times not knowing what to call my songs... but it also frees me of constrictions when I'm creating cause I'm not mentally telling myself "HEY you can't do that!!" So anyway... here's my new track. It was all done with VSTIs aside from the beat (which came from Breakbeat Paradise) I even got brave and composed a solo (a first for me) and did my basslines etc from scratch. Even if everyone that listens to this hates it lol... I feel very accomplished right now mainly because I've learned so much since I first opened Acid Pro. I am living proof that anyone with a stubborn streak and love for music can at least ATTEMPT these programs ;-) The lyrics came from life experience... suppose it's kinda the flipside of my last track.

Tags : | Electronic | 6.76 MB

Description : This song sort of built itself based on a couple of the elements in it. The blipping at the start and end made me think of the idea of someone trying to tune in a radio, or maybe sending out a coded message for help. I built it all from VSTI, aside from the rhythm, which came from Breakbeat Paradise. The vocals are deliberately echoey (not sure if I made the right choice with that... I know it makes the lyrics harder to understand). I wanted the feel of someone trapped inside a prison and hearing their voice echo back at them. I suppose you could say I feel close to these lyrics. I spent 13 years in an abusive relationship... by the time I left, I was so wrecked I didn't want to let any man close enough to hurt me again. The recent signing of my divorce papers (and having to spend time around my ex) dug up a lot of memories I'd just rather stay buried... and although I'm in a much happier place now, some stuff doesn't go away so easily. Song writing is amazing therapy... I guess that's part of what got me started in the first place. - Please, if you think I need to change stuff, vocal mix etc, tell me. I'm still experimenting lol. Oh and offer me some ideas as to what genre this falls into cause I'm not totally sure myself?

Tags : | Electronic | 6.43 MB

Description : mrrobot asked me to sing over this cover he made so I recorded my vocals and sent them his way to do with as he pleased (as well as doing my own mix). I loved how this one came out, I guess because it's so different from my mix and from the original. I love people who don't think inside the box and he definitely has that all nailed down. Thanks again for asking me to sing on the track, this was a lot of fun. Looking forward to more collabs :)

Tags : | Electronic | 5.38 MB

Description : mrrobot sent me an email asking me if I'd like to sing over this cover he did of Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence. My answer was an emphatic "yes". I did my own mix mainly because it gave me something to focus on after a bad week here... and sent him my vocals to do his own thing with as well. I am posting this mix so people can see how different they came out. Oh and mrrobot, thanks again for asking me to do this with you :)

Tags : | Dance | 2.84 MB

Description : This was the 3rd track I did using Acid Pro 6... got a little bit more adventurous playing with settings, etc. I'd say this is the least favourite of what I've done, but was at least worth sharing.

Tags : | Ambient | 6.02 MB

Description : This was my second song done with Acid Pro 6, and on a totally different vibe than Goodbye was. The range in my taste in music shows in my songwriting I guess. I had some mixing issues with my vocals on this one so I wasn't totally happy with it, but I lost the project pieces etc in a reinstall (yes Lisa, back your s*** up). Let me know what you think anyway... any advice would be welcomed.

Tags : | Jungle | 6.67 MB

Description : I wrote and put together this one kind of overnight back in the summer... was actually my first full song done with Acid Pro. I used samples from all over the net to put together the music. Once I got the beat together, the lyrics just sort of came to me. I went back and remixed it later because there was a ton of clipping (definitely showing my newbie colors).

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