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Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.81 MB | FL Studio

Description : I got plenty of tracks in the vault....Enjoy!
Chill Hip Hop

Vocals : Hermanifezt phatom solider (acapella via looperman)
track Prod. by Fibanaccii

Description : Packs & loops used....
Cymatics Servida artist series pack
Cymatics Posty soundpack
Cymatics Humble soundpack
K19 Trappp by Rockwitit (acapella) from looperman
AzazelAsis - Drake x Ovo bassline (loop) looperman

Description : Lead Melody - DRZA 1994 Piano - Nexus 2
Counter Melody - Codeine Dream XP - Codeine Dream #2 - Nexus 2
Big Choppa 808
R Loops Vinyl Sample kit - Drums
Antidote soundkit - FX
I'm Not A Regular Rapper by Bear Castro (Acapella from Looperman)
Beat Produced by Fibanaccii

Description : SoloCinobeatz - They mad(acapella)
K19 - Roll In Peace (acapella)

Beat produced by Fibanaccii
.Antidote drumkit
.Cymatics kit
.No Heart 808 - 21 savage kit

Description : iGDtrap x 2glockshawty acapella
Cymatics soundpack for the 808 and percussion
Zaytoven construction kit - drums

Not sure where The Lead came from I can't figure out where I found it among the pile of sound packs I have. And I don't have the patience to sit here and find it. However the Lead is called "counting stacks." I'm just not sure what pack it came from.

Description : Artist - Igdtrap
song - In Da Kitchen (remix)
Cymatics soundkits - Drums, percussion, melody, 808
Waka Flocka - FX
2nd track I've made using an acapella from this website.

Description : I was having trouble finding decent acapellas via youtube. So I decided to try some acapella samples from here. K19 taxin Jackcson. acapella.
Travis scott astroworld pack - Cymatics
Diamonds sample pack - Cymatics
Cymatics hip hop beat start kit.
vocals....K19. My first track using an acapella from this website.
I'm not exactly sure how my mix came out so low but just crank up the volume lol

Description : Cymatics soundpack
Vocals - Alexis Ayanna

Description : Cymatics - Diamonds hip hop sample pack

Description : Cymatics soundpacks for my drums. no loops.
Metro Boomin pack for the hihat

Kiestyleproductions - can you make trap with fl studios toxicbiohazard loop.
twosevenseven - Quiet G bass loop & Quiet G pad
Three six mafia - vocal acapella

Description : FirewaLL789 - Meek Mill x Drake going bad type drum
KayK1 - Reminder loop

Description : Snow Tha Product
J-Phantom - In The Mist (loop)
gurmxn - Hard 808 drum (loop)
Astro sample pack - cymatics

3 patterns for this whole song

Description : $uicide Boyz x Fibonacci Instrumental

Shatt3r - Sad Pad With Vocals(loop)
Josephfunk - Drug Money Stash Piano(loop) Reversed
808ice - Revenge(loop)Reversed

Description : iamarty - the silence calls my name (loop)

Description : Josephfunk - drug money stash piano loop
808ice - revenge loop

Tracks 1 - 15 of 15
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