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Description : yeah i know, its clipping. thats the point. now that we've established that, go click my profile and check out my soundcloud where i'll be dumping my beats more often, and where you can see my pricing and how to contact me. love ya'll looperfam!

Description : hi again guys, i'm back and this time it's with a killer new master chain. mike dean ain't got shit on THIS. all jokes aside, this beat is what i pictured 2020 - 2021 to sound like. i am also offering paid mixing and mastering services, please reach out to me @itsfelixchapo on instagram if interested. hope you enjoy!

Description : Felix Chapo - Ball With Me (Ft. Jwill) out on ALL PLATFORMS NOW! All production done by me, and my verse [yea im the second guy] is written and recorded by me. Shout out to Jwill for coming thru to the studio to lay down that opening hook!

Description : ALBM LDNG N PRGRSS...

Description : i have something planned...

Description : I know, I'm just full of surprises. Here's an EDM banger cause fuck it. Lmk what you think below! Contact if you are interested to purchase for ghost production.

Description : Here's a song that I really loved but sadly, me and the artist had a falling out and he wound up deleting all the music I produced for him. To me, this could have been something huge. So, I am now posting it here to share with you guys, I hope you enjoy.

Description : sample from Gary Beatz - My Funny Valentine

Heard this lil part of the song and i just had to chop it up and make some fire

contact me on instagram @flyguyfetti if you wanna use, or visit my youtube and take it from there!

Drop your thoughts in the comments.

Description : Real OVO type vibes here. Laid down that chord progression on the pad and it was magic from there. DM me on insta @ flyguyfetti if you would like to use. Let me know your thoughts!

Description : Rip Mac P. Something a little different from my usual style in honor of the man, Shoreline Mafia was always a big inspiration for me. If you'd like to use the beat you may DM me on instagram @flyguyfetti. If you havent listened to "631 World Take Over" on all platforms then GO LISTEN!

Description : I am so proud to announce the release of 631 T Savs album "631 World Take Over" on Apple Music and Spotify! I couldn't be more happy to be part of such an amazing project, producing 6/10 of the songs. Some of you will remember this beat, I have uploaded it to the site previously. Now you guys get to hear it with vocals! I hope you will be able to listen and maybe learn something new comparing the 2 versions. Anyways, PLEASE go check the album out! Drop your thoughts in the comments!

Description : A little somethin I cooked up, no samples this time. Pretty dreamy, if you want this beat make sure to contact me on instagram @flyguyfetti

Description : Wanted to try something a little different. A little lofi trap? Idk... I was going for something like the OVO sound but this is how it turned out and its a pretty unique idea. I can imagine 21 savage with some crisp ass vocals on this.

Let me know your thoughts. Cool little effect or not?

Description : A DaBaby / NLE Choppa kinda vibe

Free to use if you credit me, check out my free beats on youtube on my profile!!!

If you make some fire link it in the comments



Description : A fun little beat, Tay Keith style. Credit me if used via PROD FETTI in the title

shout out ayozoom for the sample



shout out Stefanccino for the loop

Description : Post your work in the comments. Credit me (PROD. FETTI)

Description : Here's a free beat for ya'll! Shout out to liljesusbeatz for the fye piano loop. Link your works down below.

Description : A Metro Boomin, Offset, Drake, Murda Beatz kinda vibe. You can purchase the beat on my beatstars link in my profile.

Description : a drake type beat made by me.
you can buy it on my beatstars:

dm for serious inquiries only. no paypal? no beats.

Description : Made this cool lil beat. If ya'll wanna hear more of what I been up to let me know, cause I been absent from this site focusing on school and shit. I'd like to make a come back if everyone really wants it. Also, if you would like a beat you may contact me on instagram @flyguyfelix.

- Fetti

Description : dead simple beat, if you use make sure to credit me in the title (PROD. FETTI)

ORIGINAL LOOP: Going Bad Type Loop by VoodooDoggy

Tags : | Trap | 5.56 MB | Colab Request

Description : I was messing around with a bunch of really old samples and came up with this. Love you guys and thanks to my buddy Zetvbo for the samples.

Tags : | RnB | 11.41 MB | Colab Request

Description : No longer allowing downloads, since someone decided to steal one of my beats and copyright it on his shitty album.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 27