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Description : New Song of Mine

Description : New Track

Description : AAP feat Sofia Costa- We are going to Hell (Medevimeca Remix)

Description : Alternative Version

Description : EDM/ Electro

Description : Remix of a Rapsong from Cole the VII

Description : New Track

Description : Hip Hop Track I remixed

Description : New Track of mine. Hope, you like it

Description : Quiet song with a rocking sound

Description : New Track

Description : A bit harder techno track

Description : Some rocking stuff

Description : Track from 2020

Description : A new Dance/House Track

Description : Another Song for the Book Series called "Obscura- Dunkel Kreaturen" (Obscura- Dark Creatures)- Telumen is a sword of light.

Description : A Song I've made fpor a Book Series called "Obscura- Dunkle Kreaturen" (Obscura- Dark Creatures). Tenebras is one of the Villains.

Description : Another Song from the book series called "The Geisterbande" (Ghostgang), i wrote myself.

Description : Dance/Techno Track from 2018.

Description : Techno Track from 2018

Description : Techno Track from 2017

Description : This a song from 2017. It has a Wave- Sound like from the 80s

Description : This song is from 2016. It's kind of modern wave dance sound

Description : A song that I made for a book series called "Die Geisterbande", which I also wrote myself.Larvaster is one of the villains

Description : Alternative Song

Tracks 1 - 25 of 45