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Description : Third is a charm; singing in dutch is growing on me,.... so ... you probally dont understand a word that's said. It's about life being repeated over and over again and sometimes (most times) it's diffucult breaking away to something new. keys, bass, guitar and vocals by me drums from plugin

Tags : | Rock | 4.29 MB

Description : second track with dutch lyrics; im happier with the result compared to having english lyrics.
The bass, keys, guitar and vocals by me and a plugin for the drums

Tags : | Rock | 5.73 MB

Description : Some groove rock with Dutch lyrics, its basically about getting a haircut while french fries drop fat. Anyhow: guitar, bass n vox by me, drums by plugin

Tags : | Rock | 3.43 MB

Description : Bass, guitar and vox by me. Drums plugin. Try to mix smooth with punkrock.

Tags : | House | 5.74 MB

Description : Made in caustic 3 on tablet pc. Ít's a little repetive old style housish track but i like the overall sound it has

Tags : | Rock | 6.17 MB

Description : got a laptop and cubase, seems to improve my sound a little. Bass, keys, guitars and vocals by me. Drums from plug in. This sounds way to 80's for my own taste

Tags : | Rock | 5.33 MB

Description : Drumcomputer, bass, guitar and vocals on a multitracker. Maybe a bit like the Clash

Tags : | House | 4.82 MB

Description : Made in caustic 3 on the tablet pc

Tags : | Rock | 4.45 MB

Description : homestudio demo, drumcomputer, guitar, bass and vox

Tracks 1 - 9 of 9
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