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Description : nice and clean symphonic metal/ soft rock????

Description : techno/psytrance inspired deep and fast bass

Description : just a little lite house tune to keep me occupied

Description : just a quick relaxing track with lots of guitars

Description : as the title suggests "lockdown blues"

Description : when I first started I thought it had a judas preist feel to it?
but have a listen and hopefully enjoy

Description : drum and bass... just bored

Description : deep bass heavy drums and catchy

Description : just for a change I thought I would do a movie score

Description : steady rock track... but I am after some male or female vocals so if you like my sound and have some vocals to make a track just let me know.

Description : lots of deep bass in this leftfield inspired deep house track.
acid pro, reloop, magix

Description : nice easy going rock

Description : first attempt at psy trance, used lots of software and remixed on reloop dj decks

Description : an early Christmas track

Description : grungy rap track, made with magix and abbleton live and remixed on decks

Description : floor banger trance/techno
could really do with some decent vocals if you have anything for me

Description : kind of a rock/pop track

Description : a simple modern country song, admittedly t needs a better ending though.

Description : symphonic metal

Description : sampling on magix and reloop mixer... plenty of guitar solos in this.
if any one ones to colab on vocals give me a shout

Description : love to use magix and add my own bits to it

Tracks 1 - 21 of 21
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