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Description : still moving corpses from 2006
Metal with hip hop beats and bass loops pretty sick though for being 6 years old, groovy as hell in my opinion. I never finished the mix on this one, have since lost master file due to hard disk failure

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 3.22 MB

Description : exhumed from 2006, still punches your grandma in her uterus

Tags : | Rock | 6.69 MB

Description : From my band/project Hell Bound we used this crappy recording to submit to a battle of the bands, but timing is alright all things considered, if we win it we get free 10 hours in a nice studio and ill upload a real demo

We re recored it b4 the what has became a setback deadline and sent this better mixed version

Tags : | Rock | 5.60 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : new live set rock stuff im doing with 2 freinds band is : Hell bound bass player has only played for 2 weeks at this point I've only owned real drums for about 2 months now, singer plays guitar. were trying to find another guitar player crappy cam ripp so mix is rough as hell but you get the point


we re recorded this song and re submitted it, a little better cut than last for sure

Description : Recently updated this with better mix real guitar riffs and a more drawn out intro.....
Many harmonizing oscillating synths in this one, lots of "public domain" samples of professors from many established universitys and a killer or two even a few cougars.
This song has some mid 90's industrial feels too it, even some bass tape type sub-bass lines, i must admit i was heavily influenced by a certain bass group called techno bass crew, listened to them all night the first time i found out you can see music....

This track randomly jumps from very hetic hostile death metal and thrash metal in between the vibrating darkly tranquil layers of fear and domination

best listened to at a maximum level on a system capable of wide decibel spectrum reproduction (including) very low sub ranges, will likley only sound proper on said system,

I may evolve this

Tags : | Industrial | 4.94 MB

Description : plenty of old school industrial and d n b sounds
a few sick synths on top of misscellanoius macbre ambience

this is the 2nd version of this song

I will likely spend a little more time trying to get this to move a little tighter melody wise?

constructive feedback always appreciated

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 3.25 MB

Description : This makes me lmao cause its about 5 years old and features two of my old freinds i never hang out with anymore but the gist is drunk amature buddie managed to get like 4 lines of vocals on time out of many takes and the vocal frestyle lyrics barley make sense, but that being sayed, he slayed it~
guitars are from another buddy who was probaly equally ripped and actually did these solos for somthing else!
so awhile later i came up with this?
Vocals : Greg Mclure
Guitar : Andy Geary

Description : pretty nasty stuff: 2nd mix, mostly the same structures i used in eyemgun's happy meal song

Description : A haunting grinding offset noisey track with lots of noise and drums througout!
Lots of pan FX aded after completion to this one, why dont people use pan FX more often?
I actually used a guitar sample i created that isn't rythym for a change, sounds more like a squeely injured siameased faced hunchback going into seizures after i cracked it in the skull with a large iron pipe??

A alternate version of this was used in 3y3m6uns track "Happy Meal" check it out at http:/
thus why i consider this a collaborative effort

Tags : | Industrial | 3.06 MB

Description : This is not fully finished yet,
I still have some mixing to work out and bass parts to add and some vocals and probally some more nuances, Track in general is remenissant of many heavy and industrial bands

The main guitar elements are from a 15 minute jam session were i used a simple 1/4ths beat kick drum as my click to insure synchronisity as best as possible for later on down the road when editing time came, then I cropped all the synching parts of the jam session into .wav samples brought them into fruity loops where i began building drum & synth structure around the guitar riffs most of the synths are samples not VST's!
After getting most of the fuitar drums and synths down, I started on the synthetic bass guitar which is all genorated from a single sample of one note on a common electric bass guitar!
I'll go ahead and note that the basslines arent finished yet nor by any means is this a finished product but its about 90% finished in my eyes. Mixing on this will likeley never be perfect, as i am not that worried about perfection as opposed to creativity, I do all my music including mixing by ear and when you are working with this much at once in frutiy loops the mix can get out of control.... so considering the platform i use to make it i think its a decent mix

I like to think of it as Mudvayne Bass & Lamb of god guitars W/ Slipknot drums played on a techno trap kit by the DJ from prodigy, Fear Factorys Keyboard Player, with Ministrys Al Jourgesen doing sequencing And Trent Reznor producing it all

Not that anyone cares but this is done and im full of shXt, but i have come to like this alot and after seeing the #s on this vs other tracks, considering the ease of compisition as opossed to other tracks ive made im thinking im about to delve deeper into what i harnesed here, try to re invent somthing similar using same production method i used here....

Tags : | Industrial | 4.65 MB

Description : A workprint/prototype im still tinkering with more guitars in this than i usally use kinda of bstard child of trance and death metal?

Description : Mixed genre on this one,
Industrial techno horror soundtrack synths,
Hip-hop/break beat drums,
Spoken word/glitch/rock vocals

One of the more different tracks I've done

Tags : | Industrial | 2.73 MB

Description : About two minutes long kinda reminisiant of MSI and a little NIN and a little DRI and alittle ICP and a little ELO and a little GNR and a little NWA and even a little TLC ok maybe not but right now I can't think of a better description......

Tags : | Industrial | 1.86 MB

Description : This one switches many styles in under 2 minutes & has multiple feels I guess I would describe this as Power Rap Driving Techno Metal Core Industrial? It ends abrubtly because its going to tie into another song im working on, will upload in place of this when its complete.

Tags : | Industrial | 7.48 MB

Description : A lose tribute to my own, kundilini awakening, a synthy, techno/industrial, metal song i finished about a month ago, one of my best works structurally, with lots of flow, groove, hook, a few backing harmonys rthym down beats percussion buildups, transitions ect.. 3:17 long

Tags : | Weird | 2.20 MB

Description : A kinda grimy breakbeat triphop dreamy subbass deal that was inspired by one of my favorite pastimes

Tags : | Breakbeat | 6.87 MB

Description : Im not much on techno subgenres so I guess this would be a mix between breakbeat trip hop dancish porn music? Lots of jittery rythm high pitched squealy melody funky bass and porn samples! I found a nice queef that sounds like a starwars gun, to use as a hat in one part then added some sultry/seductive vocals from some talented young ladies, in the end it all worked out rather nicely to make a greatsong to scrog by ! >;)

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.44 MB

Description : a song i wrote programmed and sang, pretty much a political/overall state of world affairs protest type song listen to this loudly for best effect

Description : This is the metal version of this song, i cant get the final mix quite right, fruity loops bugs me when it comes to that! None the less i did everything on this song real guitar, vocals, the rest is programmed

Description : a song i originally wrote in entirety as a metal song, played guitar,sang programmed the rest, before my sound card blew, now i cant record isolated vocal, but i can make tracks so after the fact i remixed it to this hip hop industrial version

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