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Tags : | RnB | 12.04 MB

Description : I still want to tweak out some of the vocal peaks but I'm happy with the results. I still have to catch up with a few comments people left me. I'll get to you soon, I'm sorry. ------- Vocals provided by : CamTheClear

Tags : | Trap | 8.04 MB | Adult Content

Description : Vocals provided by DreDolla

Software and plugins used :

ACID Pro - Adobe Audition 1.5

Sonnox Oxford

Tempo - 90 bpm

Tags : | Trap | 5.75 MB | Adult Content

Description : Hey what's up everyone. I hope everyone is doing ok and is in the best of health. It's been awhile since I've uploaded anything. I have a lot of catching up to do. During the week I'll be going around checking other peoples work, commenting and stuff. I miss this place. ----- This track has 2 different acapellas from Looperman artists. As always, you guys and gals give me inspiration to create my remixes. I hope you enjoy. I'm always up for collabs, so if your interested just hit me up. Last but not least, big shout outs to everyone who puts their all into their tracks and don't let anyone bring you down. Keep doing you! Peace!!! ----- Acapellas provided by : GreenPoi5onXxX & new5ense ----- Software used : Adobe Audition - Cubase LE5

Tags : | RnB | 7.47 MB | Adult Content

Description : Well I couldn't sleep last night. So I decided to scan thru the acapellas as usual. This is why I love Looperman, you can always find something that inspires you.

Much Love.


Acapella provided by ZEEBEATZ.

Please show him some love in the link below :

Tempo = 84bpm
Programs Used = AcidPro - Adobe Audition 1.5
Other Plugins = Sonnox Oxford
Audio Format = mp3PRO 320kbps

Description : Like always, I'm just trying to get my mastering down to a science. Vocals and Bass are always the hardest for me but I'm getting better.

For those who are trying to get their mixing tight, I implore you to read and watch YouTube videos about the topic.

There are a lot of great tutorials out there so don't be lazy! :P

Vocals provided by: Yo Gotti.
Yo Gotti owns all rights to his vocals and this remix.


Description : Well, in the last upload I was discussing the importance of mixing your levels right before adding effects, compression, Limiter etc.

It will make your life easier, trust me. Now I want to discuss about "Mid Side Processing In Mastering". If you don't know what that is, there's a lot of great tutorials on YouTube.

It will help your vocals to sit better in the mix. I'm not saying that you need it to make a great mix, but for certain songs it can help.

Remember that every song is different. This tool is easy to learn, and once you do, it will become a powerful ingredient.


Acapella provided by this talented young man. You can show him some love in the link below.


Description : A short acapella I found amusing and decided to have fun with it. So before anyone says oh how can you post something like this let me tell you, in the years I've Djayed in clubs I was playing stuff way worse than this. lol.

It's all out of fun. Besides, the poor guy just wanted to see them panties drop :P ;). Peace everyone.

You can get the acapella on the link below.

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.68 MB

Description : I am convinced that there are angels on earth, cause this lady right here has an amazing voice. A gift from god. You can show her some love at

This is a rough draft. There is a lot of room for guitars, pianos etc. If you feel you want to add to it be my guest. You never know what we can accomplish.

The tempo is 100bpm.

This is the DaChopDoct'a", I'm out.


Tracks 1 - 8 of 8