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Tags : | Ambient | 16.00 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : My last track for this year, mixing some celtic and electronic sounds with a pop-blues-rock ballad base.

Tags : | Pop | 9.31 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A fresher song than I usually do, I think, with a vintage sound (well, as I usually do...), a little bit "60's pop music".

Tags : | Ethnic | 13.58 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A tribute to a country which I know a little bit, with words in french, english and amharic. A rock ballad sandwich with a slice of traditional ethiopian-sounding music ...

Description : A mix of minimalist synthpop with some hard rock guitar, a song with light words on a heavy atmosphere.

Tags : | Rock | 16.00 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A totally different mood in this new track, between early 70s' hard rock and progressive rock, with the help of some old school sounds as organ or mellotron.

Tags : | Jazz | 10.55 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Here's my new song, mixing classic cool jazz and a little bit more modern sounds, as well as french and english languages.

Description : This is my first song in english, in a psychedelic mood, with some reverb and echo on my voice, and other effects ...

Tags : | Pop | 14.44 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This song has a different atmosphere, it's more a pop-rock ballad with less electronic sounds ... except the unavoidable synth solo !

Tags : | Pop | 14.44 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A little bit more "electronic dance-pop" song ...

Tags : | Pop | 16.00 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Another song in french, a little bit more serious and ambitious (too much for a poor musician like me, maybe, but I tried my best) ...

Tags : | Pop | 9.00 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : My second song is a bit different from the first one : a sort of psychedelic blues-rock instead of electro-pop, and the words are more ... or less ... Well, if it reminds you someone, I think it's a pure coincidence !

Description : For the first time I tried to make a song with my own words, in french and english, and voice (sorry for your ears !) ... I added some japanese vocals by Dinn and Katrinabarr.

Tags : | Funk | 8.79 MB

Description : I tried to create a little bit more funky track, with vocal samples of "Raise the funk" by Urban Shokker, thanks to them !

Tags : | Ambient | 12.65 MB

Description : I built that track around the song of eSoreni, thanks to her. I tried to mix cool jazz rythm and some more or less vintage electronic sounds, with Music Maker and a tiny midi keyboard.

Tags : | Blues | 11.91 MB

Description : A new try with a sample of voice, the bluesy one of Shamoozey ... This time I started from the vocal and tried to develop my music around it, it's a better way and I hope it works not too bad !

Tags : | Ambient | 13.87 MB

Description : I usually make instrumental music with Music Maker, but I'm beginning to try to add some vocals, thanks to looperman ! Here's my first work with a downloaded acapella ("When your alone", an old post from Holly) ... I'm not sure it works well, because I created the music first ... instead of doing the opposite, which would be the best way !

Tracks 1 - 16 of 16
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