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Description : A rap using an acapella by Guizano, kick and bass by Brent Faiyaz, additional input tracks from Loopcloud.

Description : A funky tribute to James Brown

Description : An EDM track to wiggle your toes with!

Description : A cool mix of lo-fi and jazz with electronic and double bass fusion

Description : A throwback to those heady disco days, slap bass, ripping guitars, rhythmic brass, and funked guitar sounds! Break out your platform shoes and hit the floor man!

Description : Out of the initial chaos, a song appears, I was not certain where this would end up these aberrations can happen!

Description : Some techno dance I hope you enjoy it

Description : Vocals sampled from dj shemzee(breed-nirvana). A heavy metal, rock, grunge style I hope it has your feet tapping!

Description : A delve into some jazz, thank you to Patricia Edwards for the vocals, a bit of 'Arcade' on the sax.

Description : I have a long fascination with the Sitar, incredible sound and range, but a bit like the bag-pipes you either get it or you don't. I have tried to make it a bit more pleasing with this mix, but I am not sure it is a success!

Description : Funky African influence

Description : An ambient touch

Description : Brazilian reggae (is there such a thing?) with a message

Description : A reggae vibe with African influence

Description : A bit of rock n roll

Description : A string composition with other noises!

Description : where do I begin, I am not sure which dark corners of my creativity this sprang from, but I like it!

Description : I am new to making music and immersing myself. There are some very talented people 'out there'!

Tracks 1 - 18 of 18