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Description : Gentle Piece. 1st Section quite formal A soft string pad drifts a searching melody over a series of developing harmonies with a simple fundamental bass.
The second section introduces a xylophone with repeats, a rhythm section including sparse tr8 beats, Electric Piano, congas, and an old Ibanez Bass that has a warm sound

Description : mid tempo Instrumental 120bpm. It's in C and Eb. Apologies Rachmaninoff

Description : Major phrase introduces a Latin-like guitar piece in a minor key. Plenty of changes.

Tags : | Pop | 7.64 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : instrumental piece. Eb 120 bpm. Moves briefly into relative minor. Makes me feel happy and relaxed. hope that translates to listeners.6/19/2017: Original version had a bump at 7kHz which made it a bit harsh at times. This version is fixed

Description : Instrumental piece flips between Cm and Eb.

Description : Slow gentle cinematic piece

Description : Instrumental piece. I listened to a couple of pieces for helping sleep on youtube. Here, I've tried to produce a relaxed and happy state of mind in the listener. It works for me, I can only hope it works for others too. 6/18/2017: Upgraded to higher bandwidth (320) mp3

Tags : | Jazz | 9.31 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Instrumental: 50s bebop cool(ish) jazz piano Bass drums, organ.
Updated 4/19/2017
* 320kbs mp3
* Organ changed
* Bass Improved
6/19/2017: higher bandwidth (320) version.

Description : Instrumental piece. Re-mix & Master 4/8/2016. New version 19/7/2017. Better master, 320kByte,

Description : Rock Instrumental. Minor key (mostly). Writing Process started by throwing down chord sequences, with more variations than usual, and then seeing what developed over the top. Used Roland Tr-8 for beats, and multi band compressor to open up the sound. Sep 20215: Fixed timing problems, and worked more on mastering. Sept 14 2015: Fixed some wrong notes and re-mastered. Mar 29 2016 re-mixed and mastered

Description : Another shot at an earlier piece. I've been learning some stuff about recording, mixing, and Mastering on-line, and this was a test piece. It seems fuller and more gentle than the other project, (which is still here)

Description : I was watching T.V. and absently playing guitar. The news was crazy, as usual, and I wanted something different. This tune came from that. It's really slow, and (i hope) restful.
It's been down-sampled to A=432Hz. I'm not completely convinced that it's better, but I do prefer the 432 version. Mastered:7/5/15

Description : Instrumental piece. Guitar. Electric Piano, Bass, Congas, Synthesized drums, strings, etc. Has a kind of Brit sound. I've never played a Wurlitzer piano, but just for a change, I used a Wurlitzer patch here. The first guitar verse was processed to get a very unusual sound. Hope it's not too much! Some versions sounded a bit clownish, hence the name. I hope you like it, or it gives some ideas. not sure about the genre. Some of it is rock, but not all.
A new version {4/16/2015) makes changes based on the reviews I received. Thanks everyone

Description : Old school bebop piece. Really just a trial to work with real instruments and try to learn more about separation and blending of sounds. only the basic drum track and harmonica break are synthesized. The rest is real.

Description : New version. Was way too cluttered.

I may be the only person in the Universe that didn't "get" distorted guitar. Well, that's changed. It's heavier than usual. Still using more "real" instruments. Crunchy Yamaha bass + low staccato piano octaves boost the start of each bar. Congas, and a Roland TR-8 fill out the bar tails. Overdrive Strat tells the tune. Synth soft pads and strings set the mood. If anyone would like to replace the guitar work (or anything else) with better, or more interesting, Pls let me know.
It's named after Eleanor Roosevelt, who seems to have lived her life on her own terms. (Although I expect she'd hate this if she heard it!)

Description : Instrumental. Fairly standard format. Tried to use real instruments as possible. Fender Strat, Yamaha Bass. Floor Congas, Acoustic piano, and synth.
Most work on getting better sounds and production

Description : Instrumental Piece. Several 3 and 4 note patterns are stated over a minor chord sequence with rock beat. Then it morphs into sections like movie themes. The title came from a "near death" experience. Added new version with piano to add warmth.

Description : Background of strings against a descending minor chord sequence with percussive instruments in the foreground.
Built using audition3 floating point 96k. (Seems much more presence than fixed point 44k)

Description : I'm off round the USA for 6 months, so won't be able to post much. This piece isn't really finished, and it gets a bit lost in places, but I thought I'd put in on anyway. Hadn't done any jazz for a while. Any sax players out there ??

Description : Starts minor. States a simple theme a couple of times and then moves to a major key.
I've been feeling the passing of time lately. Each moment comes and passes. You can remember the moment, but really, it's gone. This kind of expresses that in music. I listened to a bunch of great tracks on Loop. and realized my EQ was wrong, so here's a brighter version. New version boosted to use more dynamic range

Description : Simple melody over progressing harmonies.
Aims to take listeners on a little vacation from their lives.

Description : Instrumental.
Uses minor 9ths, unresolved harmonies, and atmospheric sounds.
Features my favorite guitar, an old Hagstrom. Minimalist playing, and some long bended notes.
Punchy in parts, sad and enigmatic in others.
I think this one escaped from me a bit, but that's good. I hope! Re-worked, mixed and mastered 3/29/2016

Description : Minor Piece.
A simple Melody and Chord Sequence repeats using different treatments and variations. I tried for the right balance between power and reflection.

Description : Instrumental piece. Major key. Mid tempo.
Re-posted 6/19/2013. A smoother and more tuneful version.

Description : Minor key. Odd contrast between straight and shuffled rhythms. A Pandoras box of sounds.
More about mood than content.
Updated 1/25/2013. More interesting version

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