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Description : trap beat with a chill Japanese feel to it. hope you enjoy. let me know what you think im open to criticism. also im looking for people to work with if any rappers are interested in me producing for them let me know i have around 50 beats that i havnt used and i also mix and master, just let me know if youd like me to make a track for you. ive been on here a month but im still not able to post in the forum yet but hopefully soon!

Description : this is a beat that i made awhile back i was hoping to write something and make a song out of it but i have a terrible case of writers block so i think i wanna work on the producing aspect of things and would really like to make a track for someone on this beat. hit me up if you are interested and let me know what you think. lets go make it happen

Description : beat i just made has a dark feel and agressive 808s, i was going to record vocals over it tommorrow if anyone is interested in collaborating with me. let me know what you think

Description : i posted this track and got some feedback on some things that i could improve on, and i went back and re did a couple of things and I believe it is much better now. anyways id appreciate some feedback on it if you have the time to give it a listen, this is one of my first tracks with me doing vocals i usually only produce

Tracks 1 - 4 of 4
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