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Description : This track is a part of a spoken word projectI am currently composing dedicated to my birth mother. Being that I am adopted I am creating a collection of poems centered around that theme. This project has been a few years in the making, and the poem itself was one of the first composed so it holds alot more anger than the later, more understanding, poems do. The track opens with a pella from Holly, and is backed by strings once again from Piano Sounds. I do compose my own tracks, but since I am using loops from other members I might as well upload those that borrow from here first. I hope you enjoy

Tags : | Spoken Word | 7.57 MB

Description : This track I actually put together in less than a half an hour. I built it around a string loop from Piano Sounds. Thank you for that. Than I laid my spoken word vocals over it. The poem is about conforming to what society demands. Almost losing yourself in a trance, hence I built a trance trakc to surround the vocals. This is the first track I am uploading here, so please all feedback is greatly appreciated

Tracks 1 - 2 of 2
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