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Tags : | Rap | 3.26 MB | Featured

Description : Soundcurve - "Feelings"
Rap ballad, hopefully a vocalist to accompany is coming for this track. Rhodes used again... and found some great drum samples. did the strings in GarageBand and the Nylon guitar as well.

Tags : | Ambient | 6.23 MB

Description : Noxious Sunlight
Ambient track with interlacing piano and guitar
Sort of an up & down feel to it

Tags : | Rap | 4.15 MB | Adult Content

Description : In the 09 with a rap by nepaul

Tags : | Fusion | 3.99 MB

Description : A sort of house/fuzion with some strange combinations of instruments.

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.71 MB

Description : The Live Performance Version of My Song entitled "Live And Want"
I used only Rei's "Sun" guitar loops, the rest is all my own creation of loops.

Tags : | Orchestral | 5.56 MB

Description : Listen to it, i guarantee it will get a message across.

Tags : | Fusion | 4.85 MB

Description : a very negative positive title don't you think? I used all looperman loops again on this one, i mastered it to death, went over it almost a few hundred times on levels and equalization, I've now become very familiar with finalmix 16 band comp mixer. i think this is the most obscure of my tracks, it contains soft ambient guitar melodies, breakbeat drums, beatboxing flute, a beautiful melodic piano, and a funk bass sound. It's a very diverse track so i didn't know what genre so i fut fusion since it may just be true fusion music.

Tags : | Fusion | 2.10 MB

Description : A Demo of what I'm doing for any person saying the song is too short no ending yada yada yada... anyways tell me how this sounds, its like a test version of what I'm working on now and i need some piano/woodwind loops for it. feel free to comment on the sound of it currently as it probably wont be finished till next weekend. if you want to make a piano/woodwind loop for it visit my post in the forums and let me know.

Tags : | Fusion | 3.49 MB

Description : "8:15" A funk tune with a rap feel... but too much instruments to be rap. in the key of A maj. i used slapjohnson's blues slap flute loops (100 BPM) and some of rei's D maj. funky guitar loops, i gave it no bass because of layering and bass was out of the question because it was too overpowering on the flute loops... only used looperman loops on this one guys...

Tags : | Fusion | 4.25 MB

Description : Break-vase xD
anyways made this with all looperman stuff, just a simple track with alot of editing done to it. tell me if simple works with my case or not hmm?

Tags : | Ambient | 3.83 MB

Description : Imagine yourself on a metal beach with ground silicon as sand and the water is liquid nitrogen, image yourself standing next to a chip set the size of a building, thats what this song shows me ^_^
boy that was cheesy.
Anyways did this track as a little test drive of the 198(7)? AT811 condenser i recently found with an exploded battery corroding the contacts (mic is battery driven) "phantom" or whatever they say, i got the wave crashing sounds from recording (with the AT811) my hand scrubbing against the carpet in my house. and then i distorted the hell out of it with my Ephonic lofi VST and i found some weird effects like this fx swell from LM and Eshar's "Dance 2 it" beat or something, sounds like an old 80's drum machine, and then the main ringing you'll hear is one of Mr.Robot's loops (what's any song with out mrrobot's loops lol) and i found other various sounds on looperman and put a delay and/or reverb on them, I personally think this is my best track yet.

Tags : | Electronic | 4.02 MB

Description : This is a spacey sort of out there kind of music, namely very down tempo (120) it was inspired at 4am last Saturday by an old 1990's song on Vinyl on You Tube.
LFO - "Track 4"
And this was made by me, my keyboard, and my inspiration and love of classic timeless techno.

Tags : | Dance | 3.24 MB

Description : My try at a dance track, this one was really interesting to make. the speed up didn't come out like i thought it would but hey i still like it. I only used looperman loops on this one. had a really hard time finding loops for this but when i found them i hit the jackpot...

Tags : | Techno | 1.85 MB

Description : Reminds me of like a dance that everyone will know in the far future... acidizer bass from mr robot the synth is once again the wave2001 synth on my DJX and the beat i have no idea

Tags : | Funk | 3.60 MB

Description : This is the one i was talking about! :DD
This is my Effteepee song with SlapJohnson's pro sax skills!
You cannot imagine my excitement about this, this is SO BOSS!

Tags : | Weird | 4.04 MB

Description : a techno song, just got my inspiration from the theme song to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City... has that sort of terrorizing bass with the sharp stabs and panning, but with nice soft synths in the same sense. Hope you enjoy, this would be my newest song, and maybe will add some rhodes to it...

Tags : | Chill Out | 2.09 MB

Description : A soft melodic track, i guess chill out. Everything done by me except harp loop and beat (ride cymbal not included)
used my DJX for the long tone synth, tapped on a ride cymbal on my kit and DJX for piano loop same for the bass too, 4 band equalized for that pizzicato upright bass sound.

Tags : | Jazz | 3.35 MB

Description : Created the horns long synth tone and one of the piano loops on my Djx keyboard.

Tags : | Funk | 3.53 MB

Description : Just a little funk tune.
My second attempt at a track where i play instruments.
Came back and revisited this, made it from a minute 50 something to about 2 minutes and 30 something. also took out some of the repeating drum roll fills, dad suggested that i don't repeat fills as much.

News: Slap will be making a hot sax track on this, ill post as separate when he gets it back to me...

Tags : | Ambient | 3.92 MB

Description : A nice break beat thing with an ambient side in the synth. Used a dry mandolin pluck track to a delay and reverb, then another delay. Doesn't sound like a mandolin am I right? Also revisited this one, much longer and added a double track section at the end, not just delay, but two of the same tracks interplaying and one is double delayed.!

Tags : | Electronic | 2.79 MB

Description : From the album "World Wide Conundrum"
Electronic Music Syndrome
A Straight Techno song with a random synth thrown in, kinda neat. I think the bass really makes it all come together.

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.14 MB

Description : My best track by far with an out of tune sound with a nice resolve at every measure and has a drum break in the middle. Let me know what you think, i made it sort of modern-sophisticated sounding. But still kept it smooth and chill. Revisited this one too, its like 3 minutes long now and more intricate, i think you'll like it much more than the last.

Tags : | Rock | 1.41 MB

Description : Made this with nothing but me and my instruments
no loops no samples
so you can understand how hard it was :>

Tags : | Techno | 1.25 MB

Description : A little blend of techno and classical piano.
I added some random things for texture in it too

Tags : | House | 3.24 MB

Description : A soft House song that has a lot of little percussive elements to make it busy and noisy but still upbeat. Threw 5 & 10 measure breaks into it to make it danceable, but still unexpectedly good.

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