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Tags : | Trance | 4.70 MB | Featured

Description : This is a track I created for my girlfriend, a beautiful Polish woman named Diana. I was trying to capture how gorgeous she truley is in this song, but I don't think a song can truley do her justice! It took me about 9 hours to completely finish but it was well worth it, I really like this track and I hope you all do too! It is not completely finished but I really appreciate any constructive critiscism, do not be shy please, this is one of the only ways I can improve. Im not positive the first break at about 57s is good? Let me know!
Thanks and enjoy!!
EDIT: [Stuck another synth in and tweaked the delay effects]

Thanks for the advice! My next thing is to try to make this feel "Bigger" more "Epic" by adding another lead. Keep the good input coming! :)

Tags : | Weird | 4.24 MB

Description : I wasn't sure what Genre to put this in since they did not have "Evil" listed, but is deffinitely weird. It's a slow tune, not what im used to or any good at but I thought i'd post it and see what sort of advice I can get. This was something I came up with at about 3am. It's a bit twisted I know, but I hope you all enjoy it. My first song in about a year! [It's not completely finished yet]. Major computer issues, but im back to it now! Expect more new tunes soon!

Tags : | Breakbeat | 4.12 MB

Description : A bunch of sounds I liked, through them all together. This is my 2nd track with Reason and its more of a breakbeat than my first trancey toon... much better construction, however I did not spend much time mastering it. It needs work but I thought you guys might enjoy it. I'll put finishing touches on it when I get some more time.... Enjoy!

Tags : | Trance | 3.66 MB

Description : This is the first track I have ever created. I hope you all enjoy it, this was created from the ground up. No loops, No midis, everything you hear came out of my brain. Some of the sounds that may sounds were played on Malestrom, some Thor, and others on Subtractor. None of the sounds are set in stone and may change when I find better suited ones but this sounded pretty good and I thought i'd share it. This was produced completely with Reason 4. ; )
*Edit - I upped the BPM and also added some instruments and got more of the sound I was looking for*

[Any advice is always encouraged and appreciated!]

Tracks 1 - 4 of 4
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