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Tags : | Heavy Metal | 4.82 MB

Description : I tuned my guitars and bass waaayyy down to Open G Major for this one. A pure beotch to keep in tune! there is a section where i just whacked the strings with my fist for a wall of discordant noise... I used a 6 string Ibanez S series and ESP 5 string bass DBM3 and 4 for drums and my trusty GNX3000 workstation. You will instantly hear the influence in go break something!

Description : Cover songs are simple fun for me, i dont have alot of time to play anymore so i blasted this out in an 1 1/2 hours. The drums are close but more metal, this is raw form no mastering at all, . All guitars are me, Double Bass Mania 2 loops and samples for drums. hit play then Shove it, Shove it Aside

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 7.13 MB

Description : This is my ode to 12 21 12. all guitars and bass played by me. DBM3 and 4 for drums tuning is B. The arrangement needs some attention, what do you guys think. ALL feedback welcome.

Description : I slammed a bunch of riffs together as soon as they came to this is all one shot recording, i have some lyric ideas but can't find the mic!! AARRGGHH! This isn't sloppy but it gets fast...caveman riffing...hahaha!

Description : I woke up saturday and picked up one of my guitars i have not played in some time and this tune rolled out of my finger tips. Very simple , almost a two chord structured song. Two of my influences are Katatonia and Daylight Dies if you know these bands you might here it, if you don't know them, you should. song has a twist in there that will grab you.... turn 2 maximum volume for eriee effect!

Description : Anyone like Black Sabbath? Or like to do vocals over this? This is my version of S.O.T.U. By Black Sabbath. Thrashed out @180bpm! I cut some parts out, first bridge to vocals, last riff section and solo and acoustic outro. seems like alot to cut, i just wanted to do the basics here. Simple song but punchy! Guitars and bass tuned to Bflat. DBM4 Proudly used cuz i don't have time for drum machines! Crank this mother!!

Description : I love the guitar sound of Bloodbath. So this is it, my nod to the death metal elite. Song done in a day. All guitars and bass by me.DBM3 and 4 for drums. tuning is B flat.

Description : Wrote this monster in 3 hours, mixing included...all guitars by me. DBM3 and 4 for drums. some voices for effect. This behemoth of a song is creepy heavy! Someday i'll write a nice song for the good people in this world but, this one is for the cold rotten ones.

Description : This song is a demo me and the vocalist (erik) recorded for the disfunctional band we were in. The song and vocals are rough and were never finished but, you can here something happening here. I don't know what erik was singing and i lost the lyric sheet. This is 2 yrs. old... thought i would share this with all the metal fans here.CRANK IT!

Description : An older song...alice in chains type vibe. not much to say about this one. play it extremely loud

Description : I based all the guitar riffs around a simple violin melody. Betamokey drum loops and samples used...from start to finish this track was done in three hours...all you metalheads out there let me know what you think!

Description : Someone once told me he recieved whiskey and knives as a birthday wtf! Two things that should not go together! anyway thought it was a great song title. i used a sample from here called car god, (i think) Can't remember who wrote it but thank you. betamonkey drum loops N samples. All guitars 100% me...Prepare to have your Head cut off! Enjoy!

Description : Well Where should we start with this one? The play button will do! lol listen to this track and you will understand the track name. ADHD influenced. : ) For those who forgot their medz!

Description : I think some zeitgiest soundclips would be perfect on this track...fuel for the propaganda machine. If you want to download LMK...

Description : DOOM METAL. crawling and grinding in your ears. lol...metal isn't supposed to be nice.

Description : This one is kinda Enslaved vocals. Needs remixed the sound is too thin to my ears...what say you? enjoy at you own risk!

Description : Most of my stuff is too long to upload but i found this short one buried in my files, its pretty old...catchy riff though. Enjoy at max volume!

Description : just a demo i came up with one day...needs vocals

Tracks 1 - 18 of 18
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