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Description : Liquid funk tune i made in less than 24 hrs...........yes, that's a record for me! Helped along by me staying at home whilst recovering from my 2nd wisdom tooth extraction this morning..................Its my music to heal my pain!
Now using Reason 4 rewired into Ableton Live, using separate Reason instruments with midi from Live.........MAN!! that NN-XT advanced sampler rocks..........wicked piano's.........Track constructed of recorded midi, no pre-produced loops at all. All sounds from Reason except for the drum kit.........used Live's drum rack for that. This software combination has to be the best ever in my opinion. Reasons awesome sounds with Live's ease of work flow and editing............just wikid!

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 4.92 MB

Description : Wrote this back in November 2007 when i was still listening to a bit of metal. Especially Godsmack. The ONEMB name is the name i released it under = one man band, i release only my electronic stuff under The Krakafaktri title.
All instruments played by myself including the vocals, which i'm not real proud of, especially the lyrics for want of a better word, but it was better than leaving it instrumental. I aint one for writing lyrics or stories ya dig! I aint much of a lead singer either, im better suited to backing vocals or stuff in my range capabilities. So bah!!! Anyway, Guitar was played through Steinberg's Warp VST, Delay from PSP84 VST with BT Phaser PH2s, Bass in NI's Guitar rig 2 & Drums were originally played by me on my Yamaha dtxpressII midi drum kit through NI's Battery 3, then edited further to make them tight, due to latency issues, they were not very tight too begin with. But you deal with that. Vocals through the Rode NT1-A through .....wait for it...Waves C1 gate, Nomad Factories Analouge Signiture Studio Channel, Lives compressor, Waves Doubler, Lives Simple Delay & finally ..Nomad Factories Liquid do you want fries with that? OK, so all in all, i think the production was not too bad for home made metal. Dig it or die!! ha ha ha!!! Don't take this track too seriously.

Description : This track was made back in late 2008 when i was really startin to dig this drum n bass ting. I saw Pendulum live and loved their drum n bass "live rock band thing" goin on. That inspired me back then, and I've always played guitar and wanted to use it in a drum n bass track without being too over the top as to be the main element, and i also wanted to include a live feel to the drums, so i spent a bit of time fussing about with them in Live's Drum Rack with some carefully sampled snippets of a few tracks i was listening to at the time. I think i slammed this one in Izotope Ozone quite a bit on the master buss, but live n learn. Sort of adds a gritty edge to i think. Anyway, hope you dig it. Bass includes the use of NI's Massive & guitar through NI's Guitar Rig 2. Enjoy responsibly

Tags : | House | 6.37 MB | Featured

Description : This house track was made back in late 2007 before i was infected with grimy jungle fever. Featuring vocals & lyrics from my old school buddy Vassilios Vassiliou. Linplug's Saxlab Vsti features heavily on this and some nice home made quenching drink pouring sounds on the rocks do too! Ahhhhhh....Glug glug glug glug......Burp!
Got side chaining on the hi string and vocals were recorded with my trusty Rode NT1-A condenser mic. Hope you like it.........and remember? Enjoy responsibly.

Description : Starts out in a jungle scene at night with some lfo'd bass and then there's the ramblings up to the 1st drop, which are probably overused a bit in hindsight and don't really make sense to the jungle use your imagination...........i just wanted to use some sort of odd vocals that weren't sung at all. Anyway, the 2nd break has an unusually long build up to the 2nd drop which has this scary sample that has been used earlier on throughout the track come smack you right in your face along with the bass. So get ready!! Coz its gonna' hurt! A bit more loop orientated in this one, although still featuring some programmed midi stuff & some samples courtesy of users,eric5335,yewbic & rutgermuller. Enjoy responsibly.

Description : A long and dark drum & bass tune with some new sounds I've been experimenting with in Ableton's Simpler. A simple short riff & break intro with a vocal sample followed by some gut wrenching bass, then with a hard hitting beat at the 1st drop. The 2nd break features ramblings again, and then its back into it all again. Lots of short breaks in between the whole track.
A mixture of my programmed midi and various 3rd party altered loops made with Ableton live 7

Please enjoy responsibly.

Tracks 1 - 6 of 6
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