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Description : When love hurts. When you desperately want the other person to see what they are doing and the effect it has on you, but they don't. When the final lines are drawn, and there is nothing left to say except "I'm willing to get help" or "goodbye".

Looking for a rapper for the third verse... I will be rerecording my vocals.

Description : Love makes you feel vital- why would you want to be anywhere but at the source of your increased happiness?

Description : When you meet someone who makes you feel unstoppable. When you find someone who gives you strength you didn't know you possessed.

If you are a vocalist and would like to record one of my songs, please feel free to message me at any time.

Description : When love finally doesn't hurt. When two imperfect people find perfection together. The difference in the way you feel from day to day is something miraculous and refreshing... something beautiful.

Description : When the person you shared everything with takes it all and breaks your heart...

Description : New recording. A labor of love from me to my husband. It took me eight hours from first hearing the instrumental to have this written and recorded. I am trying to cut down my time a bit, but the recording itself only took thirty minutes, so be warned, it's raw.

Description : Please forgive my vocals... been sick, but I really wanted to get this one recorded before I get hard at work on other stuff. The beat was pulled off of youtube and it's basically called New Hotness by Mister B Productions. I heard the beat and started dreaming of the good old days- community barbecues, old folks lecturing the young bloods on "real music", and kids running wild all over the place in the summer time. I hope you will enjoy this piece. It's rough as it can be- and I do not intent to be the artist to record it... I am actually hoping to find someone else to make the vocals pop.

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Description : JD Walker of SoulVibe Music is the genius behind the music, and I am the faceless wonder behind the vocals and lyrics. This was my first professionally recorded track, and Mr. Walker hooked me up- didn't even charge me for anything. He owns the music still, and I am honored and humbled to have been allowed to work with him in his studio before he left Atlanta.

Tracks 1 - 8 of 8