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Tags : | Pop | 6.11 MB | Featured

Description : Singing performed by The Alexx Marie, courtesy of Jukebxbully. Rapping performed by YBigg. The music is something I did for this month's KVR One Synth Challenge (one synth vsti of there choosing used for all sounds with limited processing, OB-Xd is the one here)

Description : My roots are mostly in heavy rock and metal, mostly down tempo stuff these days. I've come across some folks here that helped remind me that it's okay :) This is a condensed version (sorry for some of the weird splices) of a song I started a while back. I'm no real drummer or vocalist, definitely not a lyricist by any stretch. One verse, a chorus and then I draw a big ol' blank. I'm looking for someone to take over vocal and lyric duties on this and maybe more in the future. If any drummers, guitarists or anyone want to collab on stuff like this, please hit me up. All instruments are real and I probably should have pitch corrected the heck out of my wobbly voice. Pretty good guitar solo towards the end. Thanks!

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 5.91 MB

Description : Correct version, ya gotta love it when that happens. Song updated 7/17/16: Song originally spawned from one of those days. 200 bpm. A few additions, mainly the elusive "nying nying" that has haunted me for what feels like a lifetime, so a HUGE thanks to Metabolic for guiding me on that one! The sound I am trying to describe is blended in throughout, but is all by it's lonesome around the 2:16 mark.

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 5.82 MB

Description : Crazy day, came home, wrote a song about to hear it? here it goes. 200 BPM.

Description : Hoping to find someone to lay down some vocals. Probably not the typical genre that one might be used to. Male, female or both. Female-maybe a Sade style sultry jazz voice. Male-old Kool and the Gang (Fresh), Commodores (Brickhouse), Dazz Band (Whip It). Not really putting limitations on things though. Song is just the rough basics. I plan on adding a guitar lead and other synths based on the vocal. Nothing is set in stone, so I can arrange the song to suit what you have in mind. The guitar and bass are live, 80s synths are from scratch, drums a combo of keyboard and filling in the midi blocks :) If you are interested, email me at with "Vocal Collab:your user name" in the subject and leave a comment on here because I am terrible at checking my email. Big thanks in advance!

Tags : | Electronic | 6.93 MB

Description : Well, this little project has taken a turn for the worst. Started out as something to do as I was away visiting family on a makeshift setup using some really old speakers. I have since returned home, added some stuff (sticking with the original free vst theme) and completely overhauled the arrangement. I think it has crossed over into darkwave. Big fan of Covenant, here. Thanks to those who have commented on earlier versions, especially clindsay for the more conventional arrangement suggestions. probably not the final version, so sorry bout that! One thing I am questioning...this was originally done of really bad speakers and some cheap headphones (which was the point of this). I haven't changed overall eq while on my normal setup, but nothing is hitting my sub. Before I go turning up sub levels and changing crossover settings, some input would be much appreciated. I like how it sounds in my usual headphones, but... Acapella by LilyUndWolf.

Description : This started as a short clip I made that I uploaded called Toes in the Deep End. Vocals are by YB, username YBigg, (Westside Acapella & U Guessed It)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.13 MB

Description : Just a clip to test the waters. Could be a stew starter for someone. Sort of dark and plenty of room to build on. If you use it, please share and give credit. Thanks. Mike

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.48 MB
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