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Tags : | Acoustic | 5.04 MB

Description : This song came about on a late night of having beer and telling jokes. then I actually turned it into a song and then Jef my friend decided he wanted to put verses to it : D Kinda a jack johnson feel plus hip hop-like verses and some funky dock o bay whistling hahaha! hope you enjoy it

Tags : | Ethnic | 4.19 MB

Description : recorded and engineered at my in house studio. Speaking tongues of Hebrew and singing is my friend Yehuda.. the name of the song means Evening Of Roses...yes yes I know hopless romantics right? hehehe Enjoy!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.79 MB | Featured

Description : this track I just completed and is inspired by this hispanic girl I am kinda ...kinda ;) falling for. It gots a fair amount of switch ups in scaled notes and percussion so hope you dig it. : D

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.76 MB | Featured

Description : These lyrics were done in the studio I do music wit on occasion called S.E.M. studios. self expression musc. Kick back beat and really good lyrics by my friend Jef Doogie

Tags : | Ambient | 3.71 MB

Description : This is a short song I wrote with the first verse to a poem I wrote. It has kinda an ethereal sound is slow paced with no percussion. More on the poetic side of things

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.22 MB

Description : A track with a sittin at the dock of the bay type of feel. Supposed to help ya feel calmed and relax so damnit!!, be calm and relaxed : ) if you so choose to. Hope ya like it holler back at me and how do I make it so if people wanna do lyrics to a song, they can. sorry jsut new to the community. thanks!!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.28 MB

Description : track that was actually purchased by my good friend Yehuda, but the lyrica haven't gone under way yet. Maybe done this week. A hip hop beat with a nice violin riff and some added flavor : )

Tags : | Electronic | 4.55 MB

Description : This one I made after playin the game Zelda lol just kiddin but it reminds me of Zelda for some reason. couple of shhort pauses and a little more upbeat than my usual style.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.21 MB

Description : Made this song 2 years ago then revamped it when I got Ableton Live. A little singin in it and one verse that is kinda long. words are mainly about a man who travelsed to find something that was right in front of his face the whole time. I guess lol check it and give feedback if you can I am trying to meet peeps in the community

Tags : | Cinematic | 5.97 MB | Featured

Description : This song was inspired by the movie August Rush. It took 15 straight hours of no sleep to complete and was very fun to make. Blood sweat and tears babie. It also helped me get over a stupid relationship I had recentl ended with a cjick. Enjoy and write me if you got something to say. Peace out

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.98 MB

Description : Made this song after a good day of fishing on the Price River. I caught a rare fish to catch in a river called a tiger trout that day. Hope you guys enjoy and feel free to add yourself to friends or write me cause I know nothing of this communtiy. help! hahaha! Peace out yall

Tracks 1 - 11 of 11
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