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Tags : | Chill Out | 3.67 MB | Featured

Description : Long intro. but its just to getcha in the mood. then it will surprise ya... i promise.. :) its all me on the vocals. no special effects. (except a little compression.) i stacked my voice in different keys.


Tags : | Breakbeat | 4.56 MB | Featured

Description : A little track ive been workin on for the past couple of days. not sure where i wanna go from here.

Tags : | Electronic | 3.09 MB | Featured

Description : "Restraint". when listening to it try to imagine being tied and bound to a cold metal table swinging uncontrollably in the middle of a dusty rust covered warehouse. unable to see or speak and upon your unconscious epiphany you realize you were merely restrained in your own mind by the tortures of this unforgiving planet.

Tags : | Chill Out | 2.30 MB | Featured

Description : My friend bought a new guimbarde. so he played that and i flowed.

Tags : | Industrial | 3.26 MB

Description : a little anger mixed with this from certain atrocities that happened this week already.

Tags : | Disco | 5.50 MB | Featured

Description : A little disco dity type track completed in about 15 hrs. thinkin bout putting vocals on it but the only thing going through my head is david bowie back in the 80's

Tags : | Grime | 2.26 MB | Featured

Description : Ok, not sure what was going through my head on this one. i love it. not too keen on the vocals. but, i dont think any of my stuff is ever good enough. im sure yall know what im talking about.

Tags : | Ambient | 4.30 MB | Featured

Description : Just a little song, been going through alot. some might think this is a little repeticious, and it might be to some. but to me it seems i can really zone and think about stuff. syncs up nicely to some of the other songs i have been producing lately. this is one of the songs that will be on my upcoming album. Factual Intentions. hope yall enjoy


Tags : | Ambient | 4.59 MB | Featured

Description : Was awake one night and started this. burnt the candle light till dawn and am posting it here.


Tags : | Electro | 5.95 MB | Featured

Description : anyone remember back in the day that show doctor who?

Tags : | Electronic | 6.41 MB | Featured

Description : cant remember when i did this, i keep running across all these unfinished tracks... does that happen to anyone else.? but i think its a pretty well rounded song.

Tags : | Rock | 2.00 MB | Featured

Description : sat down and just started writing this. been depressed lately. this is how it is.


Tags : | Weird | 2.58 MB

Description : Ok, sorry ive been outta the loop, been running all over outta town. but i scratched this together. hope you like. i have to submit early cause im headed outta town. hope yall like.. Good luck to everyone.


Tags : | Chill Out | 4.12 MB | Featured

Description : made this track for fiery. so she can get a lil groove on.. yall tell me what yall think.


Tags : | Electronic | 1.32 MB | Featured

Description : Just pulling some ole songs i did out the dusty closet.. ideas anyone?

Tags : | Electronic | 1.15 MB | Featured

Description : OK, tchicovsky has to be rolling in his grave over this lil beat i made... its not done yet but tell me if im headed in the right direction..HAHAHA!!!!!

Tags : | Electronic | 3.44 MB | Featured

Description : Heres another one i had hidden.

Tags : | Disco | 4.12 MB | Featured

Description : ok, so some people have been wondering if i have anymore songs..well heres some.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.69 MB | Featured

Description : this was a song i found on Eshars profile and i really liked it. i wanted to put some lyrics on it to see if i could show diversity.. tell me what yall think.

Description : Got this track from splish. he was wondering what else to put on it cuase of writers block. well, thats why i love this website. musicans helping musicians. hope yall enjoy, all i did was put some D&B Bass behind it...

Tags : | Electronic | 5.27 MB | Featured

Description : yall tell me what ya think about htis.

Tags : | Electronic | 6.70 MB | Featured

Description : a little song i did.. dont remember when. i just know i was probably drinkin...Hahaha!! Enjoy!


Tags : | Dirty | 3.50 MB | Featured

Description : RatteKatte music my vocals...


Tags : | Hip Hop | 357.14 KB | Featured

Description : once more some lyrics for everyone on looperman to enjoy... hope to hear those mixes soon!!!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 707.35 KB | Featured

Description : Break snap forward to the future let these creatures feature a different side of me eloquently breeze by these tracks, heart attacks is what we giving these jacks,fuck giving slack ,Fuck bringing it back, fuck all you who think our shit is whack. we be creeping and leaping while the innocent children be sleeping dreams filled with demons pistols and weapons while the young come up. live up breath dust the yayo is a must so push everything out chur pockets your blazing rockets nemesis and def are on it speaking smooth nothing to loose as i flow with these dudes making cash is what we all about as we SpA double Z spitting it loud bought to freak out to this classical sound as my minions move out. and blend into the crowd so watch out you'll never know its never coming just start running start fronting thinking your something amounting to nothing your busted living life cornered rusted your clustered and your mind is melting into nothing Haaa..

Tracks 1 - 25 of 41
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