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Tags : | Weird | 1.70 MB

Description : This is a featured demo track (Show 11) made from a bunch of crazy sloppy sound effects "pulling bamboo" out of the verrrryyyy wet ground!

*** Podcast Episode 11 "MUSIC: New Talent Spotted on Looperman using SFX" ***

Description : This is the Ambient/Cinematic music I created during Episode 9. The sound effects were all laid out in 6 and the background music added in show 9 of the podcast.

~ Collaboration request for adding your own music:

Description : This track was created out of about 70 individual sound effects. Used in show 009 of the podcast about creating Video Game Music to match what might be going on in the background.

I thought this was a cool exercise for anyone that might be looking for something to add to their portfolio if they were going for Music or Sound Design as a career.

If YOU make something cool I would love to hear it and play it on an upcoming show so hit me up!

There are a few more added vocal samples on the site. To hear my music set to the SFX and learn more check out Episode 009 of the Sound Effects Podcast.

Tags : | Breakbeat | 2.56 MB | Featured

Description : This track is a few years old but still a solid blending of original sound effects with a genre or two in electronic music.. break beat, down tempo, trip hop, and yes SFX. The first main "hit" and "crackling" sounds were made by carefully banging a hammer on and then breaking an old school computer monitor. The beats draw well with the overall tone of the track.

Tracks 1 - 4 of 4
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