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Tags : | Orchestral | 3.53 MB | Featured

Description : This is an instrumental song (my very own winter score) I composed called “Home” inspired by the dark winters here up North.

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.37 MB

Description : This is a live taping of an improv tune I did for a stage sound check back in 2005 - 2006 (?) which was recorded by an old friend. Wow...years ago :D

Tags : | Rock | 4.10 MB

Description : Courtesy of Magix Music Maker :)

Tags : | Pop | 3.32 MB

Description : Music by: Joel Stein Lyrics/Vocals: Sherylene Shay
Mixed with Magix Basic Edition & Adobe Audition 2

Final version of "Struggle With The Sea".

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.84 MB

Description : I wrote and mixed this with adobe. It took me quite some time, but I hope you guys will give it a listen and tell me what you think. Thanks so much for all the reviews for the previous tunes I made. It means alot to me and I appreciate it.

Tags : | Garage | 6.44 MB

Description : Hey folks - I made this instrumental at - once when it used to be a free site... Did the rest on adobe Audition, then Wayne helped me fix the sound! My hero!! Anywayz . I wrote this ballad when I was 15/16 and finally got around this year to getting it to sound just as I envisioned it all those years ago. I hope you guys enjoy.

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.97 MB

Description : This is a test song. My guitar is somewhat broken, but I couldn't help write a song on it. There is no way for me to buy a new one any time soon. So if anyone would like to help me with re-recording an instrumental for me, it will be appreciated. Truly! I hope you guys like the song.

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.13 MB

Description : A ballad I wrote a couple of months ago. I have to redo it in a higher key, cuz I was sick during this one.
But this is just something to share with u guys to tell u what I've been up to :)

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.53 MB

Description : I made this one from scratch, and it's called "The Call and The Echo"... for a short film.
I sincerely hope u guys like it :-*

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.02 MB

Description : Okay, I first heard this song last winter...and I fell in love with it. So I summed up my courage and asked the wonderful Tom Kelly if I could collaborate with him on this one...
It was my first collaboration with anyone...
And now I guess its safe to say we're GREAT FRIENDS!! Always inspiring me, and if anything, Tom... here's the sucky ass collab we did (on my part)... although I'll work on it more. I promise you. You deserve it :)

Tags : | Rock | 3.36 MB

Description : This is a song, written for and inspired by the wonderful musical piece of Darko Saric (one fo my favourite underground artist for the moment) - the instrumental track, originally known as 'Rebirth'.
I love his music...
And I hope u guys like this song.

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.00 MB

Description : Carry the weight like a titan... Giving everything you've got and more...It's a challenge - though a dispute, Its a chore...There's a clown inside us all...Wearing masks and attending a ball...Where the poets try to feed on pain...While the doctors analyze the bane...
I'd notice you from miles away... standing frozen with your feet in clay... and all this while I couldnt believe my eyes...

A titan breaks to cry...
Its a nuthouse... its a palace of freaks... with all it's cheap champagne and the havoc it wreaks...Tonight I see, lighting in the sky...cuz a titan breaks down - breaks down to cry.

I'd imagine you'd be better than this... but that would make me rule out what I'd miss... and I'd tell you I know how you feel...but the truth is I'd be lying through my teeth...

You're a dreamer with a life in secret places... where you'd meet all of the familiar faces...
Who's hold a conversation about a world to defend...its a truth to insist...
I'd notice you from miles away...standing frozen with your feet in clay...and all this while I couldnt believe my eyes...

A titan breaks to cry.
It's a nuthouse...its a palace of freaks...with all its cheap champagne...and the havoc it wreaks...
tonight i see...lightining in the sky...cuz a titan breaks down to cry.
We're a collection of freaks...with our batles and lies that we speak...let it rain from the I hold you close're a titan that breaks down to cry.

Tags : | Rock | 5.21 MB

Description : I first heard Lee John's 'The Isle Of Calypso' on here and I instantly fell in love with it, so I wrote a set of lyrics, recorded some vocals...and Lee, if u hate me now...forgive me :)

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.96 MB

Description : this song was written spontaneously, when listening to a Jann Arden loop, and it was made with mixcraft 3 at the time. once mixed down to mp3, I used some FX, from SOny Vegas, and hope u like it

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