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Description : poems by Vladimir Vysotsky track Kerrfixcould

Description : track Kerrfixcould

Description : We are now catastrophically short of light, my solar power plant does not charge at all, a verse suddenly came about this, I tried to make music myself and sing to other tracks, but it turned out better with Kerrfixcould

Description : Music:Kerrfixcould my tunes and poems)

Description : Musical mood sketch

Description : I've always liked heavy techno, so I've been working with the track Nodog

Description : I used a melody from a French song when I was singing, and added a bass, I didn't recognize the melody)

Description : I found Dmitry Levin's composition in tick tock and, with the author's consent, composed poems for him and sang as best I could)

Description : I remembered my romantic relationship with a girl who was a dealer of Moldovan wine, it was a wonderful time)

Description : My friend, Dmitry Milovanov, sent me this new-old song of his, and I found it possible to share it

Description : First, I find drums suitable for reading a verse, record vocals and decorate it with bass and other synthesizers. Then I rewrite the vocals again based on the melody. What is this style in the end?)

Description : I'm trying to combine my poems with my music

Description : Autumn, evening foliage, I went to the cellar for pickles, everything was so romantic, this poem came and the mood coincided with the track BeatMaker4real

Description : Vivaldi and RitajustRita Poems by my respected and beloved poet Joseph Brodsky

Description : In my opinion, it looks like a conversation over a beer with extraterrestrial civilizations)

Description : Just sang on the track WhoseMasterBeat

Description : This is a cover of a song by Egor Letov

Description : The track zootman2u inspired me to reggae, probably it's Russian sad reggae))

Description : I was going to experiment with new sounds and use a tambourine instead of a percussion section, but the Dj4Real track abruptly changed plans for the evening)

Description : In my opinion, this track traces the influence of Mozart and Paganini at the same time)

Description : I took the reading of my poems by Joseph Brodsky and tried to add rhythm and music

Description : I don't know if you can call it hip-hop?)

Description : In my opinion, there are spring moods in this music, it's strange because it's autumn now)

Description : The new track Orlando51 inspired me to poetry, but I still tried to play along with the cubase plugins)

Description : Today I was picking and sometimes eating apples, so I called this short composition apple jam) the automatic translator is confusing sometimes...

Tracks 1 - 25 of 38
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