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Description : A beautiful light track youth500, well, I sang along a little)

Description : track BombBrother

Description : The music Musicwithoutborders coincided with the mood of my poem

Description : Track Danke I'm sorry, but the music suited the mood so well that I took the sound off the screen, despite the author's ban)

Description : guitar acoustics - from a package of loops, unfortunately I do not know the author
Percussion Danke
bass guitar MrAxel
harmonica - MWRatridge

Description : Piano prodjaro
percussion NathanKapri
chorus 1 sushilbawa
chorus 2 ErisedyM

Description : Guitar rjpasin
Percussion 1 xXMagicDzXx
Percussion 2 - sm1elsebeats
Since, according to the complaints of my friends, the texts for some reason do not open, I place the chorus here)
She goes completely naked
Along the shore of the sleepy sea
This can be called shamelessness
I call innocence
She puts her hands on my shoulders
My feet sink into the ground
She sings strange songs to me
And I comprehend the meaning of the universe

Description : Guitar - rjpasin
Saxophone bigjenny
Percussion - nine2five
Additional percussion - joenuts
Introduction flsouto
Chorus 1 skiwyy
Chorus 2 - SuperSouperBeatz

Description : This is rather not a song, but a philosophical treatise about the fact that some people love slavery, surprisingly. Dmitry Milovanov played guitar, in principle, and he wrote all the music)

Description : Here I read my poems from life on the track BananaLu )

Description : I liked the track BananaLu and decided to sing along with backing vocals, I hope I didn't spoil a good song

Description : Track RitajustRita

Description : Music from MrAxel

Description : I think it turned out festive for Christmas)
Guitars - mckenna
Percussion Exfain
I'm just rewriting my old, but worthwhile poems according to the mood..

Description : Guitar - My friend bought a set of guitar loops, and since I really liked one of them, he gave it to me
Percussion 1 DRXMA
Drums 2 bigsqtch
Male Choir WhoTFisCasey
Whistle, although in principle I could whistle myself) - WhoTFisCasey

Description : Here I again used the loupes of musicians from lupermen, and of course I read my poems, as singing can be called a stretch)
Guitar LenoxBeatmaker
Percussion sh4tup

Description : Track SpeakUpProd and I sang

Description : Great track BeatMaker4real and a little bit of my bass

Description : All loops of talented musicians from the looperman
Bass tshelbybeats
Drums - makbula12
Chorus - Baroza
Female vocals - Rasputin
The text of the poem, as an observation on life)

Description : Here I used the loops from the luperman website,
though I couldn't restrain myself and at the end I played a little on the synthesizer
Don't leave the room Joseph Brodsky
Guitar unfortunately not found by number 5214956
Start flsouto
Percussion 1 Negusfirst
Drums 2 with bass - SuperSouperBeatz

Description : This track is the result of collaboration with Dmitry Milovanov, I made it a little modified

Description : The track Pnnywze contains a whole story by Sergei Yesenin - A Black Man, I think later you will be able to take a swing at some three-volume book, for example, Leo Tolstoy - War and Peace

Description : William Shakespeare's sonnet to a dark-skinned girlfriend and music from Pnnywze

Description : music by dmitry milovanov poems by joseph brodsky

Description : It's me and Niccolo Paganini.)

Tracks 1 - 25 of 25
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