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Description : I used the Alabafruit accordion loop and Joseph Brodsky's poems

Description : I was looking for a form for a new poem, the guitar and track came up surprisingly well OMaille

Description : I wanted to record vocals on the track MatheusMoriarty but I got so carried away with refining the music that I forgot to sing

Description : I put together part of the track koramwat and poems by Vladimir Vysotsky

Description : I combined the music of DijamMusic the poetry of Joseph Brodsky

Description : music 0Equinox0

Description : The poems of Leonid Kaganov are used, in my opinion it is quite funny

Description : track kronzilla

Description : recorded in collaboration with Dmitry Milovanov

Description : I continue to experiment with plugins and poems

Description : track Deso92

Description : This is a cover of a song by the band "Auction"

Description : I sang this beautiful song a little differently

Description : It's me and Niccolo Paganini.)

Tracks 1 - 14 of 14