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Description : Hey loopers!

I have been gone a long long time. I am trying to get back into production again. Since i was last on here I have lost all hearing in my right ear so i gave up for a while but a good friend of mine told me I shouldnt. Only problem i have really is stereo mixing. This is just a part of it. If you can spare me a wee comment about how it sounds that would be great! Its good to be back although none of you probably remember

Tags : | Trance | 6.12 MB


ok so i have added a vocal bit to it...
Added some filters give it more dynamics...The mix aint all there yet...No doubt i will work on it after i listen in the it still sounds pretty bangin i think. Feel free to download as I just want people to enjoy my music!

Tags : | Trance | 6.80 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : ANOTHER slight update GETTIN THERE.......better mix and next upload will have the vocal...I am gonna sing on it myself....wooooooh....hope it turns out

I been out the loop for a long time. Only just gettin back to my production again. This will be my new track. Not finished yet...but has a groovy bass and some nice pads...needs synths now ....thats the next plan.....Hope u like it so far

Tags : | House | 6.92 MB

Description : Ok so I been out of the loop a while as I had a lot goin on. I have a few tracks to get finished but this new one has me excited for now....a housey, trance bass sound with a touch of vocal. The vocal will be very expanded on as at the moment i am only workin on it...if you like it lemme know! Cheers guys!

Tags : | Trance | 5.54 MB

Description : UPDATE: Ok so I need the help of the loop...I am stuck as where to go next with this..I normally have no prob with arrangements but for some reason this is causing my brain to seize up!!!!

The track I am workin on at the moment...called it Deutchland as I am off to Germany in the new year to work...and I aint lookin forward to it..well i am...but i'm not if ya know wot i mean...

Tags : | Trance | 6.70 MB

Description : Had to adjust the Mix. AGAIN....noticed a couple MORE wee mistakes...SORRY! I am workin on a new track so this one gets put to bed!

This is a rework of my track Timeshift. I like the other one but it didn't get me goin really. There were parts i liked..and parts i didn' I now like all of this!

Ejoy and play loud coz its quite bangin...

Tags : | Trance | 6.96 MB

Description : Previously"Fallen Angel"- That name didn;t suit it...Plus Gilbert Carrizales has a track on here of the same name!

I submitted this to a label. They reckoned it was too plinkety plonkety...The lead melody that is. I took that on board and thought Fu#! it! I been pissing around not doing whats in my gut and trying to be TOO different. So I have changed this and now i am at last 100% Happy with it. My next track will be getting max 1 update...I promise :D

Tags : | House | 6.73 MB | Adult Content

Description : This is my still Unfinished new demo. it SHOULD be finished very computer had to be reset coz of blue screen and viruses....(too much porn me thinks!)

Tags : | Trance | 6.52 MB

Description : FINAL UPDATE 13 August 2010 : SLIGHTLY EXTENDED (1 chorus added)
Uplifting Progressive Trance. I am proud of this one. I have used one of Eshars acapellas that once i heard it..i thought...Perfect!!!!!

There are 2 other pellas from a looper member but i didn't write the name if it's YOURS then thank you and sorry i forgot your name! Anyway enjoy and any extra comments etc are always appreciated.

Tags : | Rock | 6.26 MB

Description : This is a funky rock dance type number that i did with my last band in scotland. Dunno wot u guys will think of it but it is quite catchy!!! Any reviews are always appreciated!

Tags : | Electro | 6.94 MB

Description : This is another remix I did for Scott Hunter. Aka The Hand That Rocks the Decks.

His original version is very AVB like and a cracking trance epic. Hear it at:

I wanted to make my mix different so I slowed it down to give it a deep progressive type grimy sound! Lemme know what u think of it guys!

Tags : | Trance | 6.04 MB

Description : The only part of this track NOT MINE is the lead run ....Everything else is by me. The arps, the arrangement, the effects, the bassline, the chord prog etc....Jonas Neverbag did the original mainly with the lead run all the way thru....I had to do a lot of work around it to create this track..Interested to know what u guys think of it..Check the original to compare at::

Tags : | Trance | 6.47 MB

Description : OK..SO I LIED!!!!!! ThisONE IS the last update till this track is finished..I wasn't sure before where the track was going but I now feel I have a firm idea of what I want...

Hey guys....this will be my newest trancer for a loong time. Its only 2 mins in but its pretty bangin. I have been soooo busy workin with Aidanstrance and also doin a remix for Hunta's first release on Elliptic records. So I am now gettin back to doin me own stuff! Any comments suggestions etc appreciated and i will update this very soon!

Tags : | Rock | 7.25 MB

Description : Another blast from the past for me here...Found this on my you do...and thought I would upload it for you guys. It was recorded in 97 or 98 I think......Still sounds fresh today..Has that kind of timeless rock sound I think where it cant be pigeon-holed to a specific decade....The lyrics speak for themselves I think....Hope you enjoy and all reviews are appreciated! OH...and when the song finishes..KEEP LISTENING...!! There is a little ditty at the end....Thats all I am saying!!

Tags : | Trance | 6.95 MB

Description : UPDATED: New Kick and Adjusted Mix

Xmas Trance tune for all u loopers to boogie to! Merry christmas guys!!! Please feel free to download and review if you like it! Thank you..

Tags : | Trance | 6.53 MB

Description : UPDATED LEAD wasn't really sure of the lead! Now its fixed! Couple of timing issues sorted too!
HOWEVER: Not happy with the bass as yet OR the arrangement fully! Will update when I am 100% happy..Until then this version is ALMOST the finished article....
I am proud of this one as I put my heart into it..well I do with all my tunes but for some reason especially with this one. Its not mixed or mastered yet, and I think i will have to fiddle with a couple of little bits till its perfect

I hope you enjoy this one, and all extra reviews are appreciated!

Tags : | House | 6.76 MB

Description : Imagine a huge dance event..The lights dim....the crowd start to cheer....The beat starts, people start dancing, the stage light get brighter and brighter then in comes the big chorus...!! BOOM!!!
"Ok, so some of u guys may remember the remix I did of this track a while back. I have redone it again with a trancey twist. wasn't sure where to put it ...At first it appears to be a house track then BIG trance synths come in.. lift off!!

Tags : | House | 6.96 MB

Description : Remixed and remastered Jan 2010

Adjusted a couple of things I wasn't happy with in this track...Its not changed as such...just much cleaner than it was before!

Rio de Janero Club Mix - Beautiful girls / Shakin ass and dancin the night away!
This started out as a hard trancer then I found "Louises" vocal in the house acapellas section! Wow...this girl has a great tone to her voice so this house track - my first in aaages!! was born! AND I have for the first time used a DONK bass!!!! Its finished but needs a tweak here n there! ENJOY and all reviews appreciated as always!

Tags : | Trance | 7.12 MB

Description : A sweet melody bound trancer with a pumpin bass and thumpin backing! And Radium X 's vocals just bring this track to life! (so glad i cam across em..)

Ok so here is my newest track which was previously called, 'SHE' Lots of ambient strings and nice melodies chucked in...Hope you guys enjoy it!!!

I was going to enlist the help of Aidanstrance however my internet went off the beginning of I just decided to get on with it myself. I have spent a hell of a long time on this one trying to get better at mastering. I used that izotope ozone thingy and have found it is a great tool...Mastering was my achiles heel and I am quite proud of this track....

Tags : | Trance | 6.85 MB

Description : So Travis asked me if he could have a go at mastering this for me..coz I aint really good at it...and this is it! I reckon he's done a great job on this! 112kbps again tho!! Looperman...give us up to 8-9mb please!!!!!!
New tune comin soon! Bye the noo.....

Tags : | Trance | 5.20 MB

Description : Thought I'd share this with the loopers as i am excited about this even tho theres no lead or break done yet...It should be done by nextt weekend ...hopefully!!

Tags : | Trance | 5.89 MB

Description : A bangin trancer with a dark side! In your minds eye... You're on the motorway / or freeway, @ 140 see flashing lights think, "who the f...k is that?", then you drop a gear and FLOOR IT! (As the strobe flashes in the club you are in.......)

UPDATED: Cleaned up and a couple of new touches just to make me happy with it! I know there are probably one or two more things i could have done but i have spent long enough on this one....and it's time for something new!

Hey folks..So here is my first track since xmas...I have spent a little longer than usual on this one as I have had a lot going on, and had less time than normal to crack on and get it finished! Hope you enjoy it...kinda dark trance with an uplifting feel I think! Enjoy, and comments and tips always appreciated.

Tags : | Electro | 5.98 MB

Description : Thought i would upload this little ditty...It's my new project...Not quite finished yet. Got the vocal while I was on hold at the Beatson Centre in Scotland!! Thought to myself, "hmm..that vocal fits to a beat, I wonder......??"

Anyway, see wot u think..!

Tags : | Trance | 6.27 MB

Description : Ok Guys..This is what me n Hunta have been knockin back n forth since SEPT! We did a bit..left it a while...did another bit..etc..etc..You get the picture..
Well it's finally finished and we r both well Chuffed! Not goin to say who did what here coz we both put a lotta effort in, however I did put the final mix on it..(Hope he trusts me...LOL!) As for the name, dunno if it'll keep..Hunta aint come back to me yet bout it, but if we change it we change it!!

Enjoy it folks coz we're both proud of this one!

Tags : | House | 5.55 MB

Description : Dance your ass off folks....Aah well...I would..anyway...I am quite proud of this tune! I think has an infectous dancey beat to it.....wot do u guys think?

I feel the best house tune I have made so far.....apart from "Jack" but that was with an acapella..where as this is all my OWN work.

The bounciest house tune I have made yet...Hope you like!!


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