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Description : pop song, would love to write with someone but no ones ever interested.

Description : I'm slowly getting better would love to work with someone??????

Description : I don't see it

Description : pop song

Description : pop song with some r&b flavor....

Description : Help me? I'm just not good at this stuff?

Description : Hello! I worked hard on the lyrics.

Tags : | Pop | 6.24 MB | Colab Request | LMMS


Description : Enjoy!

Description : What am I gonna do

Description : When love finds you

Description : I need you to write with me hit me up....

Description : The Worlds in a tangle

Description : I used some unusual words that came across really cool has a George Michael feel to it. The mix is crappy but I've never been trained on mixing and its hit or miss. I struggle with the mix I'm just not good at it and I have to do all of this alone so its difficult even though I've written over 1000 songs. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. I've tried to watch Youtube videos but it still doesn't help I think I need someone to physically show me how to blend everything correctly.

Description : Please hit me up if you would like to write together

Description : Remix of Ronnie Milsap song but with an R&B feel.

Description : This song belongs to Ronnie Milsap I just made it pop today because the lyrics are amazing.


Description : I wanna know interlude

Description : Pop feel good type song.

Description : To all the girls that wouldn't give me a chance....

Description : It feels good!

Description : Love to work with someone???????????????

Description : made this track today 1-11-2021.

Description : New pop song that I just completed today 1/5/2021.
Its a feel good upbeat song. Looking to collab with someone?

William Emert

Tracks 1 - 25 of 50
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