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Tags : | EDM | 4.80 MB | FL Studio

Description : So, this is a first time i've tried something else, than trap/rap genre. Tell me what you think :).

(i don't even know what this style is o.O)

Description : Hi everyone, thanks for taking a while

Description : Sorry for my Pronouncing, i know it's awful, but it's best i can do :/.

Beat, mixing and mastering is made by me, so if you'd like me to make you some as well, reach me on instagram : @Real_gem1n1_music

Feel free to give me any feedback! I need that to grow :).

Hope you will enjoy :).

On soundcloud soon!

Description : I tried to make a banger and to my surprise, it was harder to mix/master than i thought...

English is not my native language so the lyrics and pronouncing isn't best. Hope someone will like it tho!

PS: i posted this track on forum with link on soundcloud and someone told me, that i'm chasing views, because if i didn't i would post it here. I didn't know about this section, so i'm really sorry for that (People usually send links to their soundclouds lol).

Tracks 1 - 4 of 4
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