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Description : Rough draft - might have to re-record vocals before finalizing

Description : latest mix 2/9/21
So I was sent this beat by someone, thinking he produced the beat and he didn't. The beat is called K9 by Soulker (found on Youtube).

Also, I'm well aware you probably won't be able to understand half of the shit I'm saying without reading the lyrics haha - this is what happens when I don't care how clear my lines are.

Description : Been a long time since I was featured on anything haha. Here's my verse from it anyway.

Description : WORK IN PROGRESS -- last update 1/26/21
Beat by Griesgrammar

I'm not all that good at mixing really. Trying to get it right still.

Description : Made this a while ago with a friend, just having fun. The track could definitely have been performed better, but all things considered, I think it's pretty solid.

Beat by Chewy
Mixed and mastered by PsySpirit

Description : Just an old track I decided to re-record out of boredom. Same old subject matter haha

Description : WORK IN PROGRESS. I finally got a decent-sounding mix, but now it's time to redo the vocals.
Beat by VonFlexxin

Description : WORK IN PROGRESS
This is my first time using FL studio. Eventually it'll be mixed correctly by PsySpirit, but until then I'm just fucking around

Description : Not the usual type of beat I'd work with, but it came out pretty good (despite my shit mixing). Beat by Sk Nitasu

Description : This is an old track by now (new recording), but it was actually the first track I made with a producer I found here on Looperman. Me and him have become really good friends since then. Check out PsySpirit's beats - they've gotten much better. NOTE: If the mix sucks, sorry. I suck at mixing.

Description : More fast, aggressive rap for you. Beat by PsySpirit.

Description : Hope you like it.

Tracks 1 - 12 of 12
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