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Description : Only description to give is BARS! If not the best you've heard on hear or one of the best you've heard period please point me in that direction!
Link for video below

Description : This might just be my new favorite track. Tho its dark and gritty I def appreciate my lyrical prowress on this one. This is just a snippet of the life of the plug! Found the beat on an instrumental mixtape all other production credit goes to Zan808

Description : Hey Loopermen and women its been a long time, but I'll just cut to the chase!
New single on upcoming mixtape "Untitled". Production and hook by the incredible Zan808! Video coming soon!

Description : Dis track right here is a certified club banger!!!!! This is something different from what i usually do but the beat was so appealing to me i had to do something to it.So me and my Homie Ill-Flav got together and made an excellent club track for everyone to party to.....Im sure you;ll enjoy this one!!!
Enjoy and Review

Description : Just recorded dis track last night and its 100% FIRE!!!! i snapped on dis track...found the beat on soundclick and me and my niggaz went in hard on dis....Im the 1st and last verse and the middle verse is shared between my homie Ill-Flav and Snoop......Enjoy and review.

Description : Beat by Johnny Juliano........will update description with link to the video ASAP!!!! Please enjoy and review.

Description : Beat downloaded from soundclick song just finished today....enjoy and review

Description : Just recorded this track a couple days ago, i found the beat here on the site it was made by Mackofficial5. Da beat was hard so i did my best to come hard as well which i think i might have manged to do. Str8 Trap Muzik right here Mixtape "Free" coming soon!!
Please enjoy and review.
Shout Out to MackOfficial5 on the beat hope you like......

Description : I AM BACK! Hello fellow loopermen/women its been a long time since i've been on the site but now im free and back and ready to pick up where i left off!! For those who may remeber may have said i was good before but now im better then ever and ready te bring havoc into music!!! Got this beat from here I just cant remember who it was form since it was quite a while ago and that i dont ahve the original files for it, so please if this is your beat or you know whos it is please do let me know so that i can acknowledge said person. This is one of the last tracks i recorded which was around Dec. 2009 shortly before being incapacitated until now..... This is just a taste of what i was up and not even half of whats to come! Please enjoy and review.

Description : Aight i found dis beat on ill thoughtz page b4 my hiatus and really liked it bcuz of the heartfelt sound 2 it plus i was goin thru sum personal ish i had to get out in da booth so this beat was a perfect beat to do such. This track features my homie and fellow looperman Gank. Listen and enjoy.

Description : Aight yall Tizzle is back in da mutha effin building!!!! I been gone 4 a while and now im back to reclaim my position! I see alotta new catz on here that probably dont know bout me and what i do or did but thats bout 2 change. My hiatus is officially over! I aint even droppin new trax on da site yet ima give yall a taste a what i was doin b4 my hiatus. This track is a beat from ksaucer. I like dis track alot cuz its not only a hard gutta track but this beat came from ksaucer at a time where i was like eff da world and everything in it!!!! jus listen up and enjoy. Please leave ur comments and let me know if yall feel my return with these new trax is wat u would have expected from Tizzle!!

Description : Aight yall dis 1 right here is like almost a month and a half maybe 2 now im not exactly sure. But i got da beat from rash a lil while ago and recorded the track but never uploaded it was holdin it down 4 wen i was ready to slap yall wit sum new different ish u aint heard me do yet and rash bin told me a couple times to put it up so dats wat im doin. And i would like to dedicate this to those of u out there that didnt think i can be versatile and do something other then wat i do which is usually jus talkin shit but jus doin it cleverly well this is on a serious note this is wat i know of poverty and wat i see and seen in my life of bein born into poverty as we know it. Please do take time and lemme bring u into my shoes for bout 2 and a half minutes so that u can see wat i see.
Enjoy and review

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.97 MB

Description : Aight yall dis is my entry to the april 09 mc comp im hosting. Had to kinda wing it cuz i eft my verses home wen i went to go record it but i remembered majority of it. Hope yall enjoy and make sure have my $$!!! lmfao
shoutz out to thezerit on the beat aka disk jockey thez i believe

Description : A Bones production for his mixtape Revival hot production on dis track and dude grotesque killed it!!!!! Enjoy n review

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.72 MB

Description : Aight this is my competition beat entry for the Spitshine beat comp i dont think the beat is all dat but u knw i tried im not 2 much of a beat maker but i does wat i can lol. I used 3 out of 8 samples that was sent to us i believe i used the bassline, the synth, and the flamenco soundin guitar on it... i cut the guitar in sum parts and then brought it back how it sounded originally but left all other loops da same. i also added an extra high pitch orchestra type sound. Other then that all drum patterns made by me of course. Enjoy and review.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.29 MB

Description : SICK PRODUCTION!!!!!!!!! Dats all dat needs to be said about dis track and that this may be the BEST track i have ever made!!!!!! Seriously this track is toooooo hot!!!! My man Thezerit murdered dis with the chipmunk fx!!! Check the 2nd verse out is all I gotta say!!!!!!!!! Enjoy and review!!!!!!!!!!! (oh i 4got....I DIDNT CURSE!!!!!) thats new 4 me lol

Description : Do u smell dat??? Well u had damn well betta cuz dammit me and n18th are the shit ppl the f-ing shit i tell u!!!!!! Dammit jus listen to the track i cant say nomo bout it u know u have to listen i mean its a n18th beat ud b lyin if u said u aint wanna hear it!!! well actually u may not cuz u actually may not wanna hear it lmao but hey more 4 me!!!!

Description : Ok dis track rite here is almost my masterpeice im diggn dis track hard. I used sum dusthill loops made dis beat and came up wit d hook after i found an old verse i had from a lil while ago went in layed it dwn n i had an idea how i was gone do d 2nd verse but wen came time i 4got erythng n jus went in swingin wit no ammo and still managed to spit fire!!! took me 3 takes but still fire. Den here cums my ***** Bones!!! I knew i wanted him on da track wen i started recordin it and gud thing i did cuz my dog killed it!! Excuse his mic quality it aint gud @ all but listen to his lyrics dem shits is sick!!! Shout out to Bones and Dusthill!!! Enjoy and review.

Description : Aight so rash sent me a beat 2day was feelin it hard n said f*** it went in and did a 2 take freestyle and KILLED IT!!!! lmao i think i came hard on dis 1 but u b d judge. Enjoy and review. Shout outz to djrash on da beat!!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.82 MB

Description : Same ol story herd d beat hoolad @ thezerit he gave me d go ahead and i did wat i do but d production on dis track is SICK!!!!! I luv wat he did wit d adlib andhow he put the bomb tick on the 2nd verse wit d explode...genius!!! Enjoy and review...Shout out to thezerit luv workn wit u hope 4 more in d future

Description : Finally gotta collab wit n18th lol.....heard dis beat and was luvin it asked em if it was cool he gave me the go ahead and i went wit it.....i kept the theme of the title felt it was appropriate for the beat specially since it was so gangsta and darkish....Enjo and review....Shout out to n18th pleasure workn wit ya homie hope to do sum more in the future....

Description : Heard dis beat almost as soon as dusthill uploaded it and luved it asked him if i can spit on it he gave me da go ahead and finished up same day was meanin to upload it yesterday but already had uploaded 5 trax in 24hrs. Dusthill already heard it said he was feelin it hope yall will 2....enjoy n review SHOUTZ OUT TO DUSTHILL!!!!!

Description : FRESH OFF DA PRINTERS!!!!! Heard dis beat on dezentrals page was feelin d beat downloaded it bout 30min ago put sum shit together and layed it down on wax n dis is wat i got...its a lil different from how i usually do but i think its aight. Enjoy and review n big shout out to dezentral!!!!

Description : Dis is da actual song to the satisfaction guarenteed beat i rode out on it 4 like 2 min jus spittn!!!! den my ***** Zilla cum in wit sum hot shit to finish it off!!! Enjoy and review.

Description : Heard a track sumtym last week on bones page calld run dis wit i guess a dusthill sample pack or loops told em if i was feelin it den last nite got round to spittn a lil freestyle on it...did a lil cut n paste off of sumthn i said n made it n2 a hook added sum fx to it and dats a rap!!! Enjoy n review...

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