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Tags : | Jazz | 5.89 MB | Featured

Description : in 1976 we bought an old Mercedes Bus (our former drummer and I) then traveled to Morocco,bought some classical concert guitars in Malaga and took the ship from Algeciras to Ceuta visiting all medinas in Morocco .......from Fes,Meknes to Marrakesh etc. and back again........we had an old tape deck in the bus and listened nearly every day to Frank Zappa,Chick Corea,Herbie Hancock and especially Weather Report and all the other great fusion stuff that was actually produced in those year......this is an attempt to capture a bit of the flavor of this 3 month trip when everything seemed to be very old track composition digitally rerecorded in 2008 Co Psychotropic Circle

Tags : | Chill Out | 6.24 MB | Featured

Description : trip hop acid chill jazz track featuring Amelia June on vocals again,lots of sound atmosphere and special syncopated accents to support her lyrics of a broken soul.....Co Psychotropic Circle feat. Amelia June 2008

Tags : | Orchestral | 6.37 MB

Description : new arrange of "Short Analog Interlude(Co 1991)",i´v used the same chord progression as in the original track but with a lot more instrumentation and much better sound quality,also added 2 more themes and the experience and knowledge of the last 17 years since the 1st recording Co 2008 by Psychotropic Circle

Tags : | Funk | 5.92 MB | Featured

Description : fast jazz funk track and the first use of loops that were not created by the Circle but i think they were the best inspiration and also the best loops of Ernest (Mr.E).....Mr.very big E....thanks for sharing ......i´v downloaded two of them and they fit perfectly.......Co 2008 Psychotropic Circle

Tags : | Orchestral | 5.49 MB | Featured

Description : Erik Satie(1866-1925) has always been one of my favorite French composers beside Claude Debussy or Maurice Ravel.........i´v played this composition for piano solo a long time ago when i started learning instruments,but now i decided to give it a new orchestral color as a Tribute to Erik Satie..........a piece for piano solo without piano......i nearly did the whole track with the kontakt 2.0 vst in midi recording and tried to keep the dynamics of the original composition.......most of you will recognize this beautiful´s one of the most used tracks for commercials and advertising......but who knows the author ? A genious of the last century......Erik Satie played,arranged and recorded 2008 by Psychotropic Circle........

Tags : | Rap | 6.59 MB | Featured

Description : vocals and lyrics by MsKidd......all other instruments and composition by the Circle.........after all the smooth stuff this a more dirty basic song with dirty guitar,jazz funk beat and outside changes......some fx cinematic inserts.......just like a little video clip .........Co Psychotropic Circle feat. MsKidd 2008.......enjoy,and have nice holidays

Tags : | Chill Out | 6.83 MB | Featured

Description : final arrangement of the Broken Hearts ballad track..........added fretless,strings,drums,guitar and rhodes with some new this track is a little bit longer than before.....Co Psychotropic Circle feat. Amelia June 2008

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.64 MB | Featured

Description : short preview of my work in co-repetition of Amelia June who did the lyrics and vocals.......only comping in ballad style i think i´ll upload the complete arrangement as soon as all details have been finished.......... i like her voice and of course she deserves more attention here´s only a short preview of her excellent vocals..........enjoy Co 2008 Psychotropic Circle featuring Amelia June

Tags : | Rap | 5.95 MB | Featured

Description : a short raf mix with Abhi S.V. and James Carver who did all the lyrics and vocal parts of this track.......arrangement and composition by Psychotropic weird jazz solos or confusion parts in here....kept it clean as a pop song to feature these beautiful voices....the track develops from a strange to a smooth atmosphere with some funk and orchestral elements..........nevertheless it´s a sort of rap style so it appears in that genre..........Co Psychotropic Circle feat. James Carver and Abhi S.V. 2008.......enjoy

Tags : | Rap | 6.25 MB | Featured

Description : based on a 22 Catch acapella called "Fire in the Air", i´v only added the basics like some modal jazz chords,a bass line, drums with lots of fill ins and the arrangement.........and one trippy solo part for a contrast ....... old skool song structure with some fake breaks, clean stuff to feature his cool and deep outside rappin enjoy Co 2008 Psychotropic Circle and 22 Catch

Tags : | Jazz | 5.97 MB | Featured

Description : yesterday summer started for all people living on the northern part of this planet...........all things will be easy and winter trouble is this is our tribute for this wonderful season when nights are short but nobody wants to fall a sleep ........thought that a latino jazz feel fits perfect for this period of enjoy riding your motorbyke , surf on the ocean or whatever you like to do cause it won´t last forever......Co Psychotropic Circle Of Lower Frequencies 2008

Description : a jungle atmosphere and lots of mosquito attack complete the tropic fever.......composed 2002 and now rearranged and remixed in audio logic with diverse special effects,fill ins and solo parts ......prefer the drum´n bass genre because of the fast beat,although there are a lot of fusion and jazz elements in this track,so enjoy .....Co Psychotropic Circle Of Lower Frequencies 2008

Tags : | Fusion | 5.90 MB

Description : very tricky tune in 11/8 measure (one of my favorites) mixed with drums,bass,mallets,git,synth and lots of sound effects..........confusion will be perfect when the totally syncopated main theme
appears (influenced by Michael Brecker and a little bit of Frank Zappa).......i´m kidding,but
i love odd grooves.......the more complicated the please,don´t kill me,but enjoy
Co 2008 Psychotropic Circle Of Lower Frequencies

Tags : | Jazz | 5.20 MB | Featured

Description : no pure jazz.....more a modal fusion track with extended solo parts some live drums,frettless bass and git added.....also a flute synth theme and bali percussion in the intro and the end Co Psychotropic Circle 2008

Tags : | Electronic | 5.07 MB

Description : collaboration of Mr.Robot and Psychotropic Circle........he sent me the loops and i´ve added the fretless bass ,solo parts,some atmospheres and the arrangement.......lots of thanks to him for this second collaboration ........i´m not sure about the genre but he told me that´s electronic and so i put it in here.....for me it´s only music Co Mr.Robot - Psychotropic Circle 2008

Tags : | Rap | 6.94 MB | Featured

Description : second collaboration with Zach Mayberry.........extended version of his Golden Bars accapella upload.....lots of thanks to him for sending me a 2nd verse to work with and record this extended version .....a little bit darker and more aggressive than our first tune....again i have added a drum,two synths and a fretless bass part......some outside scales and non harmonic fill ins
Co Psychotropic Circle and Zach Mayberry 2008

Tags : | Jazz | 6.92 MB | Featured

Description : pure bebop tune played with the whole band............Klaus Dallmeir -trumpet,Clemens Süssenbach - piano,Robert Wilhelm - double bass and composition,Stefan Genze - drums,Stefan Weinzierl - recording engineer

Tags : | Rap | 5.07 MB | Featured

Description : this track is based on a file of Zach Mayberry who did all the lyrics and vocals....i simply added some drums,percussion,bass and a little bit spacey keyboards....the main inspiration was he and his voice doing the rap should check out his work and profile here on looperman.....Psychotropic Circle feat.Zach Mayberry 2008

Tags : | Jazz | 6.64 MB

Description : three bass tracks and one drum loop,bass track 1 was for normal comping, bass track 2 was for chords and harmonies (recorded with flageolet notes) cause I didn´t use any keyboards it´s easier to stay tuned and bass track 3 was for themes and improvisation (with some blues and outside scales) ........the drum loop you´ll find under Chill Out Drums 135 in my account.........all was recorded with a self - constructed 3 in 1 fretless bass......Co Psychotropic Circle 2008

Tags : | Chill Out | 6.46 MB

Description : collaboration between De Phazz and Psychotropic Circle,composed for a song contest on in 2003 ,we had no chance to win by 1,5 million artists ,i don´t know how many of these artists took part in this competition (but i guess a lot) , so rank 39 was not so bad in this case i think maybe......all vocal parts and trombone interludes by De Phazz , composition and all other instruments by Psychotropic Circle Co 2003..........i like these French lyrics and hope you´ll too

Tags : | Ambient | 5.05 MB

Description : Ambient Sound Collage in 256 kbps High Quality Mix , recorded in Cubase without using any project tempo (freestyle recording).........lots of vst plugs and virtual synths are creating this special atmo and space...Co 2002 Psychotropic Circle Of Lower Frequencies

Tags : | Funk | 7.05 MB

Description : very groovy cover version of an old pop song of "The Carpenters" of the late 60´s......full arrangement with some special Frank Zappa inspired solo is between funk,pop,jazz and latin ,but i prefer the funk genre for this use of the original track or any loops and no remix ,but a special interpretation of this evergreen by Psychotropic Circle 2008

Tags : | Jazz | 6.31 MB

Description : Live recorded with the band,pure bebop track ,no overdub or additional recordings ....trumpet - Klaus Dallmeir,piano and composition - Clemens Süssenbach,double bass - Robert Wilhelm,drums - Stefan Genze,recording engineer - Stefan Wein zierl.....Co Psychotropic Circle

Tags : | Electronic | 6.95 MB

Description : part two of the "Kandinsky Series",same programs and treatments as part one,this time the track consists of 4 movements, the 1st is experimental freestyle without using a project tempo,the 2nd is in 3/4,the 3rd has a beat without a special measure of bars and the 4th movement is in 5/4.......all was finally remixed with additional instruments in audio logic....all basics also recorded on Atari 1040 ST ...Co Psychotropic Circle 2008

Tags : | Weird | 6.33 MB

Description : this track consists of 5 minimalistic short stories all created with a graphic composer program "Kandinsky" ....i´ve added some synths and other instruments and remixed it in logic... the basics were recorded on Atari 1040 ST in 1990, cause i never found a PC version of this program ...but it´s great to create experimental tracks or very odd here are 5 different graphics mixed to one composition with some additional recordings .....Co 2008 Psychotropic Circle

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