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Description : As always feedback is appreciated! Also if you would like to support me click the buy link!

Retrograde Social Media:
Discord: Retrograde#9161
Snapchat: d_adavis
Skype: OfficialRetrograde

Description : An unfinished glitch hop song

Description : A remix of the US Office Show. The compression makes it sound really wierd (compression came from when I converted it from wav to mp3)

Description : This is my song Ready Set Go. It was the first Dubstep song I made. Here is a link to my soundcloud for more!

Description : This is a little pokemon complextro theme I threw together. Make sure you listen until the end! It changes alot!

Here is a soundcloud link for more HD version:

Description : Hey guys! This is going to be the first track I post on here! I would love some feedback on it :D Also here it is on soundcloud which is a more HQ version since I had to convert it to mp3 to upload it on here:

Tracks 1 - 6 of 6
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