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Tags : | Dub | 6.69 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured

Description : A silly and tongue-in-cheek dub-style track about our 2016 holidays in an african-theme waterpark. Maybe the lyrics means something, maybe not. Who knows? Original title is in French: Hymne aux vestiaires.

Tags : | Weird | 6.06 MB

Description : A dronish and very industrial track under my Résine-X moniker, reminiscent of Dead Voices On Air. Created with guitar and bass loops from my friend Marlin, with electronics by myself. If the title sounds weird, it's because it's an anagram. Bet you will never find about what.

Tags : | Ambient | 5.72 MB

Description : Slow-paced track about solitude, loneliness, boredom, sadness, and anything in-between. Some will find it relaxing, others depressing. You choose. Original title is in French: Jours gris.

Tags : | Ambient | 8.37 MB

Description : A cold and dark track about, well, anything that is cold and dark. Remember that when you look into the Abyss, the Abyss also looks into you. Original title is in French: L'Abysse.

Tags : | Ambient | 7.58 MB

Description : Close your eyes and let yourself go in this slow-paced trip to the other side of the universe. Original title is in French: Sans frontières.

Tags : | Dub | 5.70 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A strange dub-style song about endless and passionate love, but with a dark twist. Lyrics were written by my friend Marlin. Original title is in French: Kick électrique.

Tags : | Reggae | 5.62 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A silly and funny song about love in general and all the crazy things we do when we are in love. My friend Marlin wrote the lyrics. It's only after we recorded this track that we realized that it would also be an homage to all our gay friends, male or female. Which explains the "opening closet" sound that we added on the opening in the final version. Original title is in French: Le reggae gai.

Tags : | Ambient | 6.23 MB

Description : Take a trip to Outer Space with this cool downtempo track. Perfect soundtrack for a sunny afternoon daydream. Original title is in French: Songes intersidéraux.

Tags : | Ambient | 7.25 MB

Description : Very sad and personnal track, which I composed in the summer of 2010, on the darkest time of my life. About one month later, I attempted suicide two times in five weeks. Since then, I reclimbed the hill (if you know what I mean), but I'm still reluctant to listen it. Oh, I'm proud of my track and its emotional intensity, but more than three years later, the memories are still very strong and painful. Original title is in French: Face au vide.

Tags : | Ambient | 8.34 MB

Description : Another cold and kind of creepy track. This time, it's about this strange hour near the end of night, when the sky isn't dark anymore, but where the light isn't there yet. An hour between cold and warm, night and day, real and impossible, life and death. Original title is in French: L'heure incolore.

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 6.31 MB

Description : A silly fast-paced track about all the little annoying things in life. Very cathartic track if you have some frustration to evacuate. Seasoned with a pinch of cold. One of my favourites on my «Insomnies» autoproduced album.

Oh, and if anyone can tell me the name of the member who created the drum loop I use in this track, it would be appreciated.

Tags : | Electronic | 5.21 MB

Description : A steady-paced track in honour to my younger sister, who have a strange fear of the nightly sky since she is a kid. Original title is in French: Elle craignait les étoiles.

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.91 MB

Description : A tongue-in-cheek track about absurdity in all its splendor. Do not search any meaning in the title. It just popped into my head as I was finishing the mix. Sadly, my mind also forget who was the creator of the drum loops I used in this track. Any help will be much appreciated.

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 4.80 MB

Description : A fast-paced melancholic and slightly dark track about despair and disillusion. Feels like when you just want to run away from everything and everyone. This track was composed at a very difficult period in my life. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 5.56 MB

Description : A kinda drum n bass track about ever-changing changes. Whatever that means. Upbeat tempo with a touch of dark synths and melodies.

By the way, I can't remember which Looperman member created the major drum loop I use in my track. Any help will be appreciated.

Tags : | Ambient | 7.83 MB

Description : A long, dark, and cold ambient track, inspired by the neverending winter in the Nunavik region, a frozen and rocky desert in the northern part of Quebec. You can feel the distress of a man who is slowly dying, as the White Frozen Hell tighten its grip.

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 6.51 MB

Description : A slightly melancholic fast-paced track about any kind of malfunctions that occur in our lives. Original title is in French: Erreur critique. Oh, and big thanks to Finn69 and LoonyGoon for the drum loops.

Tags : | Ambient | 6.66 MB

Description : A sad, long and cold dark ambient track about winter, solitude and emptiness. Original title is in French: L'avant-dernier regard.

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