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Description : The basic play by Cody Tripp, the idea by mnk66, the rest - by me.

Description : Made in collaboration with Dave Shepard. The track also shows how those harmonica samples work out. Enjoy.

Description : A collab exchange with Raymond Wilson (raymond2wilson) the Make Them Dance acapella.

Description : Based on "Voodoo Child" acapella and made in collaboration with feel.dash.x. (gomagn in here), the psy sensual trip you're welcome to enjoy.

Description : Co-production with Will S Barrett (a.k.a. willatank). Enjoy.

Description : The second call ab with Raymond Wilson (raymond2wilson).

Tags : | Deep House | 7.74 MB

Description : Deep house watercolor by Ann La Shar.

Description : Work of two. The basic idea by Dimas Gozzi. Lyrics & voice Igor Pose.

Description : Joint fruit grown up in collaboration with Raymond Wilson (raymond2wilson).

Description : The result of a collaboration with Junior Pene (Australia) on the base of "Like Your Heart" acapella.

Description : Based on "Truth" acapella result of collab with Ritch Mollen.

Tags : | Disco | 6.42 MB

Description : Another soundtrack. The file is compressed up to the tape quality because of its length.

Tags : | Ambient | 3.02 MB

Description : Last part of the another play I made as the sound painting for one of my films.

Tags : | Funk | 768.66 KB

Description : I made this track as a sound image for the WaterPainting page at my website. To listen it meanwhile seeing the pictures click on the plus sign (+) in the left bottom corner after the ripple. Have funk!

Tags : | Blues | 6.59 MB

Description : Second life of the Spooky Angel with the same Blues harp by SlapJohnson "taken from a collaboration with the mighty Billbozo" in the beginning.

Tags : | Rock | 6.76 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : I wrote this song in 1987. Here's the release of 1997, long before the people in a mass order started to inject the ink under their skin.
Olya is a russian female name, short and intimate of Olga.
That song is about crazy love, that makes crazy. Have fun.

Lyric and music Igor Pose

Tags : | Ambient | 5.90 MB

Description : I made this one as a soundtrack for one of my films.

Tags : | Blues | 1.15 MB

Description : Just a feeling.

Tracks (18)