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Tags : | Electronic | 7.04 MB

Description : whazaaaa.
decides to put somethin' here,soemthing old again,becouse i haven't done anything right know summer time,don't want to sit yes.
Made this one from samples what i found in e-net,only drum and guitar line is mine own creation.Peace.

Tags : | Rock | 4.81 MB

Description : Good morning.Good afternoon.Good evening.. ladys and gents.
And here i present my new track.Fresh and new..well,i got few track on the way also,but this will be first one,becouse it's more dedicated to the spring time.Like sunny and warm one.
Used some samples what i could find on i-net,but all drum,guitar,bass lines i made by myself.
Cheers everyone,enjoy and god bless!

ps. i didn't realy knew wich genere to chose..i call it more like pop electro one,not rock.So..chose whatever wich you want :)

Tags : | Electronic | 5.11 MB

Description : Electronic Rock as usual.
well....guess this sounds weird,becouse i made this in some 4 hours,just wanted to try to use some of those riilii guud Holly's vocals and yaaam..that's what i made,but it's just a demo,will work on this later :)

Tags : | Electronic | 5.42 MB

Description : eeem..same,old tune..this, E.T.D.F and third one [wich i'll upload bit later] almost made in same time,in late 2007 ,so it's could be even firsts steps into my own music creation..this is kind a dark track.And..this is not electronica.

Tags : | Electronic | 4.81 MB

Description : It's old rocky/electro tune,bouncing one and with some sick kick ass solo on 02:20

Tags : | Electronic | 5.77 MB

Description : "CHECK THiS OUT...BOOOM!"
This song is fresh and new,just finished and it's more like intro of 2009,just a begining.It's not electronic's..all together,a bit of Hip-Hop,Rock and Electronic or how i call it - Rockhypertronica,damn it;s massive.Realy,don't know how much peeps listen to that kind a music here,but still this is how i do.Respect and peace dudes and girls :)

Tags : | Electronic | 6.30 MB

Description : I made this last summer.This is some loud sh**,soo it could sound lil distorted... ,anyway bounce your arses dudes and girls!

ps.Those drums are to heavy or not?

Tags : | Electronic | 7.63 MB

Description : ..well..unfinished,for few stupid mistakes i lost all data of this song,so it is as it is,well.. i like anyway.

Tracks 1 - 8 of 8
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