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Description : ABOUT the TRACK This song came about thinking about my life so far. The utter terror of knowing that it could all end at the snap of someone's fingers, and the near infinite love I have for my friends and for music. This track will not be free (So sorries) Soon a fellow artist is going to put lyrics to this track and a friend of mine is going to make a picture for it. (since my singing and pictures are utter rubbish) This is a new breakthrough for me. I am actually a bit proud of my advancements, I hope I am able to continue this in the future.
"In these last days, my life slowly burns though my mind"

Enjoy all.

P.S.: I thank my Dubrothers and Bassisters for the will to go on.

Description : THIS WEEK: I've been slacking off ever since I've been trying not to consume caffiene. It's such a shame that I am far beyond the average human with caffiene, but only about as good without it.

ABOUT the SONG: This is a faster and darker Remix to Horizon by Siknoiz
Find him here on Looperman and on Soundcloud

Description : A better free download can be found at my Bandcamp, look up Share the Love by me, MaxXimus K (Im not allowed to post a link apperently that's why I'm just saying it.) -
- THIS WEEK: I've been working hard and hardly working (lol). I've been constantly improving on my styles, I certainly hope you agree. OOH! But I've been wanting to say this for a while; Find me on various games like Realm of the Mad God (as MaxXimusKO), XBox LiVE (as MaxXimus K573), League of Legends (as MaxXimus K) and Minecraft (as MaxXimus_K) -
- ABOUT the SONG: Still working on this style, tried to make something in the style but still absolutly unique. I kinda want other people to try this style too, maybe even to be an inspiration to someone. That would put me at peace. -
- Enjoy all ^_^' Enjoy the Free Download

Description : THIS WEEK: I have been super busy sorting out myself, and have been losing motivation bit by bit,but I'm trudging through it. Hopefully I'll have a full thing for everyone next week.
Support me peoples so I can keep doing this, a great method of donation to me would simply be choosing to pay for my music. I'm small fish now, but with all your help, I may become a big kahuna. =)
ABOUT the SONG: I AM CALLING OUT TO ARTISTS OUT THERE WILLING TO HELP ME FINISH THIS TRACK! Anybody who kicks ass at the following genres and has FL Studio, please contact me:
Techstep /
/ Wonkstep AND Drumstep /
/ Witch House AND Drum & Bass /
/ Darkstep AND Glitch Hop /
Bring on your unique A-Game, I will be awaiting your responses, enjoy the Demo ^_^

Tags : | Fusion | 9.61 MB

Description : This track is available as a Free Download at, look me up under MaxXimus K
I redid this song and it is not available for free download on my Bandcamp and can viewed on my brand spankin new YouTube Channel
So I decided to try a little experiment with creating a song; I randomly generated a few sounds, and made song with them after adding some Signature Bass, modifying a sound to be a light Grinde, and some (kinda) custom Perc. One of the sounds reminded me of a cicada, the little bugs that at first are eerie, then annoying, then strangly peaceful once you get used to their chirps. BUT, this song was created with the idea of them swarming a future urban area. I shot for Ambient Glitchstep, but I got something like a combo of Glitch, Trap, and Dubstep, I'm gonna call it "Urban-Tek"
You can check this song out at least on Youtube as well.

Enjoy all

Tags : | Trance | 9.28 MB

Description : ABOUT the SONG: When I wrote this it was in rememberance of what I have done so far, and the dreams I have for the future. I plan on becoming something great someday, and all of you listeners can help me to that. Listening to this inspired me again, and even touched me, and I think that's what music should do.

You can buy this song and 2 others for a dollar on the Bandcamp website. Just search MaxXimus K and Road to Destiny EP Thank you people for the support.

Enjoy All... Wish me luck on my road to destiny.

Description : Mariah, if you are reading this, then I want you to know, you are an incredible Bassister and awesome friend. This song is for you, from me, your humble Dubrother. ^_^

Enjoy all, and thank you, my Dubrothers and Bassisters

And check out my Soundcloud as well, this track is there as well.

Tags : | Dubstep | 8.80 MB

Description : This holds samples of 6 brilliant people with added percussion and effects by me. Explore through the electric areas of this song each unique but held together by transition and effects on it's percussive platform.

The people who played their part in this are:
(Alen9r --- Section 1 "Blossom")

(ScreamingZombie --- Transition 1 "Dubstep Bass")

(RoseErin --- Section 2 "Ripped Bass")

(JoeFunktastic --- Transition 2 "Vocal Chops (140a)")

(TheOfficialKatechism --- Section 3 "Piano / Vocal Chop")

(Refl3xDubstep --- Outro & Detail)

Enjoy all, in the ZONE!

(Check out my Soundcloud for a Free Download of this)

Tags : | Dubstep | 8.96 MB

Description : This is my (sorta) first attempt at Dubstep, ever, kinda. I don't really know if it would be considered good in the dubstep community because most of it is samples from the Looperman community (I love you people). I think it turned out pretty well though. The name comes from the idea that I was the "missing link" in the song, because I pieced them together, and glued them with my 404 Synth and percussion part.

Credit for samples from:
ZSB410 --- TheOfficialKatechism --- OfficialExtinct --- Lheew --- JoeFunktastic --- CraigBlackmoore
I thank you for your parts.

Enjoy, and sweet dreams.

Description : This is a somewhat dark-sounding piece with light yet prominent piano, reverb hip-hop percussion, deep bass quitar, sharp vocals, and detail electric violin.

This song really got to me, I felt almost every word of it.

Tags : | Electronic | 8.34 MB

Description : An light, upbeat piece made with some of the many excellent samples by danke (he's on this site, if you like this, feel free to check his stuff out.)

Description : A christmas song for everyone, I may not be religious, but I do love this song, and the idea of the christmas spirit. I think I need someone with a gorgeous voice and awesome recording quality to put their voice into this, cuz I think that'd be awesome. I would do it myself, but there's not ever any silence where i live to just have my voice recorded, and my recording quality sorta bites.

Enjoy all, and Merry Christmas ^_^

(If, you are going to try out to sing, want lyrics to the song, or want a wav file instead of an Mp3, please contact me. And if you are going to use or post this song anywhere, please give me credit)

Tracks 1 - 12 of 12
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