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Description : Hey everybody. Its been a long time after my last work. But now i wanna show some music elements and persian traditional singing methods to you ... ive always wanted to do this but it just happened yesterday ... Lyrics are in Farsi and you may not understand them but i translated them and you can see the meaning there in lyrics ... hope you like... I'll read the comments. Show me what do you think about! RESPECTS, SEVENLANDS

Description : Hey there, seve's speakin'. Two months and im back with a banger and nice track. Make sure to listen and download !!!! It for free. Im sure you'll like it ... and lyrics are in persian. Dont try to understand them guys.

Tags : | Pop | 4.22 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : I really wanted an emotional work ... something that i could love as a sad melody ... hope you like

Tags : | Pop | 4.49 MB

Description : Hello! Its new year here in my country and I have 2 special and different tracks. Its the first track called SAVE ME ;) with lovely wishes

Description : Hi , im so proud of this :) ... hope you like my voice. Im waitin for comments and helps, love all

Tags : | Electronic | 5.95 MB

Description : Autmun here is so beautiful ... hope you like this tune by Seve

Tags : | Electronic | 6.01 MB

Description : Wow ... an amazing work for me ... makes me feel happier ... hope Youw like

Tags : | Pop | 2.66 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : What????? I did A piano version ?!!! I cant believe myself after two years working on EDM ... But I want you to hear and tell me if you like or nah ... AND about bad quality and noises : i record my voice in the park while i was with my friends ... REALLY Hope You Like cuz im full of stress about your opinion

Tags : | Electronic | 10.95 MB

Description : My Best Best Work Ever ... A million love to Mareland. I finished this yesterday and it took a whole day. Now I want to share it with you and you hear it and Say what you feel ! Thanks and respects, 7L

Tags : | Electronic | 8.23 MB

Description : Guitar ran by Ash, and other by Me ... plz say that what you like, guitar or other ? Loser must buy a pizza, a big one ! :)

Tags : | Electronic | 9.30 MB

Description : Hey friends. As you know , its been one year that I ve been wrestling for making my music against studying and disease ! But I think just 58 days later ill start my serious career on music. Its as a sign of oath for me to refuse my wishes for just 58 days ... hope u like my stuff ... If I enter the medical science university itll be the best state for me to continue the way I started in music , I hope ... hopeyou enjoy and HAVE a good time with this NATIVE MELODIC EDM ! Bye until it comes again ( but ill see comments )

Tags : | Electronic | 2.75 MB

Description : Just listen to my head !

Tags : | Electronic | 1.43 MB

Description : Hry guys , here is my tune ... a short but very chilly ... i love it . What 'bout ya?

Tags : | Electronic | 5.87 MB

Description : Hey world , im here to upload my lastest work and maybe the last work ... its a gift , a gift for new year to my new friend mahiw :) ... and for allo you . Have a good year with love and respect ... waitin for your comments and your opinions ... MG

Tags : | Electronic | 5.75 MB

Description : hey guys . happy Xmas from here . Wish all of you best year 2017 , if it come :) we have also newrouz (new day) instead of X mas in iran ... its historical date for new year . ohh , lonliness is the worst thing in the world ... being far from others ... when someone leave you in the way alone ... I hate this . now i feel better because of the Xmas . Love U , Happy end of the line :)

Tags : | Electronic | 9.52 MB

Description : Hi After a long time friends ... Its a full remix of avicii's tracks of my tears . A beauty remix ( In melody ) its your turn to hear and send me feedback . what do you thuink about ? come on , here it ... I love vcii

Description : HI Friends . Please Hear My last Work ... Hope U Amusing Seconds Like Myself ... I Write A Lyric and Sing it then put the melody and quickly make the project . What Do you Think about my voice ??? I know its like girls voice :( But What can i do ? Gimme feedback and leave me comments , i enjoy when i read all of them ... Thanks for attention and Heraing .Special Thanks TO STARPYRO for his Perfect Loop . LOVE ... 7L (MG)

Tags : | Electronic | 11.28 MB

Description : Hi ! Its Mostafa ... I bring a new track , I love The melody hope u like too . ilove rain too but i didnt out rain sound in the track ... Mixing was very very fast , sorry if it is bad ... gimme feedback and leave comment . LOVE ... 7L (MG)

Tags : | Electronic | 9.91 MB

Description : Its me after a long time ... hi friends . did you miss me ??? ( ?!!! ) One night , when i was alone in home ... decided to work on melody dancing in my mind , and started to produce it ... i picked up my guitar and start playing ... finally i insert my mind to fl studio and now im here to share with you .............................. and about name i can say that its a main subject inside my brain , about me and one of my scripts i wrote when i was 15 . Its about myself and my lovely assistant in PC ... My PC crashed and hard disk now is burnt ... But still i have my burnt HD , because of her/it . Soooo , please know that me and 7Lands Are One person . My last track was Soundland ... and now its Coding ya . Mastering is a few terrible! plz Hear it and send me your opinions . Be good and i have best dreams for you ... 7L ( MG )

Tags : | Electronic | 10.85 MB

Description : Fresh work !!! Wow , IDK where it was come from ! Emotional melody and i think its memorizable ... I love it So much ... Hope you love it too . about the title , i can say .. mmm ... I wrote the melody in loneliness when i was reading a book about diamagnetic masses . :) hope u like . its hot day in our city ... near 40 degrees cg ...

Tags : | Electronic | 7.33 MB

Description : Hi ... Today is 18 july . What a beauty day . so , I quickly make a track . Its Demo ... I make it in Three hours . Ahhhh , Today is my Birthday and im so happy ... im excited so much . Plz Hear my track till the end and give me comments as Present ;) . Love U All ... Hope U like Persian Rhythm ... Its my edm Style

Tags : | Electronic | 9.72 MB

Description : Hey Guys . After two days im back with Mercede ... I love this Style of House music . what do you think ? ... leave me your comments and opinions . Im waiting here . I used fairy and scary sounds for lead . hope you like all ... Hanshake to all , MG

Tags : | Electronic | 6.75 MB

Description : Hey Guys , After A long time ( For ME ) ... Yesterday my city was rainy and I had to stay at home . So I started a new Project in 80 tempo ... I love vocal chopping and vocal chopped leads , therefore I began to work . It was hard ... I wrote a base melody and played a guitars . After 3 hours i had a demo . Finally render it and im gonna show you my new work in Electronic . I think the Acoustic version could be better if i not inerested in chopping :) Im trying to write lyrics with my friend ( Tamina ) and make vocal version ................... Hope U enjoy , With love and great Wishes , MG

Tags : | Electronic | 7.60 MB

Description : Hey friends ... Im here now to show my new work 'Arvender' after 'a road to arvender' ... I creat my new instagram account today . Plz Follow me if you want help me be better ... its a piece of emotion . arvender is one of my dreams that show under rain . just u can see there when you are 'Walking in the rain' . i hope u like it ... Dont forget , follow me and comment on my land :) . My instagram account is : @megan_jaliyard .

Tags : | Electronic | 7.66 MB

Description : Hi again After just 2 Days ... Im Back with my Tropical Electro Trap House (!!!) . I Think Its My Best work ever (what is your opinion ? ) and it is my first work in tropical house . PLZ , Hear my track 'aven' on looperman friends ... Leave comments about my first tropical . Hope U like all . its tropical but i upload on electronic genre because of electronic is my main genre. Cheers , Mostafa Ganjali

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