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Description : Programed the drums in DD Drumer 2.0 and Acid 7. Guitars all done By SwitchBox in Acid 4 with, wav lab effects; Diamond edition... "cant say how many :) all sound effects and sound fonts download on the NET at (find a sound . com). Bass also played by SwitchBox. Vocals done by Skunk Ape and SwitchBox on back ups. all production was done by Superclutz. guitars BCRitch 1960 NJ Series (old) Ovation (new) and bass was done by modifing the Guitar. mastering was done sound forge 8.

Description : ( Cannabis in a jar ) Featuring Slap Johnson "sax "
Cannabis..... has a history that goes far futher then you might know. These are some of the terms Indians (India) use for marijuana ganja or cannabis or what ever you call it, to describe there feeling when they are intoxicated on this natural medication. Thankyou (SLAP) 4 slapping that paint brush all over this track... your a class act and I want 2 perhaps latter when we get some live drummers in to the studio....... Picking up the pace and loving you....Peace

Description : The Day Marijuana becomes Legal in the USA will be the hppiest dai of my life. For ever more i may sound like this song. its quite a piece of work. 50's fused with modern outlook. A little country a little Delta rock and some Electro thown in for good messure, Guitarist on the site may like to take a listen. This is a good track to chill to while your doing some gardening. lol.

Description : This track is to tell the goverments of the world that they cannot lie anymore, now they are the drug dealers and they sell it for 5 times the ammount on the street, So whos the criminal now? What eva just legalize it is all im saying ill Grow my own like GWB.Sr.!!!

Description : this a lil closer to a commercial version of the song "Grapefruit*Tea beachside campfire mix" from SuperClutz on the site, its a lil closer to how we envisioned. this is lil more upbeat, good feeling, layed back, or driving in your car kinda track. enjoy.

Tracks 1 - 5 of 5
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