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Description : chaos on beat, chaos on sound..
fast trap confusional beat.

Description : sad trap beat 110BPM piano, distortion

Description : trap, sad, piano. big bass
110 bpm
distorted. distortion. long sad beat.

Description : Trap, 140 bpm beat. easy sound and chill.

Description : sad, bass boosted instrumental trap beat. made with arp chords.
thunders and rain. 130 bpm

Description : experimental track with solo clarinet,
melancholic. bass boost. piano chords... and something reversed...
smashing glass sound in the track.

Description : sad melodic and experimental track.
piano, chill sounds, 130 bpm, melancholic, bass boost, listen loud.
at the end there is an "extra beat mood"...or something like that.

Description : space, chill, easy sound, mix, sea in background.

Description : sad, strange, weird, particular... maybe... 140 bpm
voice choir, guitar chords.

If someone use this track for every type of material, if someone wants, please share the result.

Tracks 1 - 9 of 9
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