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Description : Some nice harp harmony to trip

Description : Another oldschool beat from a rock song

Description : another oldschool beat from a sample


Description : The look of love to see porn

Description : Another oldschool beat

Description : Trippin with that beat, stay cool

Description : G Funk style from another era

Description : Some good old days with Dr.Dre as a guest

Description : Oldschool relaxed groove

Description : Lofi piano samples with sounds from oldschool era

Description : Favorite groove and chords of all time

Description : Some good old sound on my mind

P.s. For all those niggaz that is in my mind and my music heart

Description : Another one beat neo soul type of music with guitar riff sliced and played with midi keyboard over a bunch of effect to be like is came from another era.

Description : Something reminds me of a JDilla beat but i dont know

Description : Lofi neosoul hiphop beat with a flavor of J Dilla style beat

Tracks 1 - 15 of 15
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